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New Buzz Lightyear figure thinks he’s real, learns the truth later (seriously).

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File this under infinitely cool (and beyond).  Thinkway Toys, the same company responsible for the U-Command Wall*E, will release a new Buzz Lightyear robot this fall.  The release is meant to coincide with the Disney Digital 3D release of Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

The new Buzz does some really cool things – beginning with the first time he comes out of the box.  When you first play with him, he thinks he’s a bona fide Space Ranger.  He responds to certain commands just as you’d expect him to.  If you continue to tell him he’s a toy, however, he’ll start to change those responses.  You can even play a round of laser tag with him!

Buzz has also been designed to walk more smoothly than the traditional toy robot walk.  His facial movements and body animations are very good as well.  I have a link to Engadget where you can watch a video that demos all of this.  This is above and beyond the Buzz toys released alongside the first two movies. 

If you’d like to see some more photos and watch an in-depth video on the new Buzz toy, click here.


Thanks to for their post and the picture.


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