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Walt was a “techie” too!

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I guess this whole Disney and technology thing is justified, after all.  A recent LA Times article by Dan Fost talks a little bit about Walt’s interest in technology.  Fost briefly discusses a few technology-related Disney topics, such as EPCOT and the 1964 World’s Fair. 

The article really outlines what visitors to the Walt Disney Family Museum can expect this Fall when it opens in San Francisco.  For example, a two-story multiplane camera will be on display.  This would be a really cool piece of Disney technology to see first hand.  Not to mention that apparently the curators have stitched together the story of Walt’s life from 19 hours of his recorded voice.  I would love to hear that!

We all know that Walt was an innovator.  That’s probably one of the first three words you would use to describe him.  I often hear people wondering what Walt would think of the company today.  Personally, I think he would love all of the technology involved in the movies, parks, TV shows, music, video games, etc. 

Part of the idea of technology is that it changes the way we do things.  Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that things should be kept the same in reverence to the way things were in the past.  I don’t think Walt would like that idea.  I think he would welcome the changes we’ve seen in animation, in the parks, and in the company in general.  I believe technology has caused some revolutionary changes to things like animation, and I think Walt would love that.


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