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Monorails running at WDW again.

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The Disney Blog reported today that the monorails at Walt Disney World are running once again.  They were cleared by OSHA to return to normal operation.  Furthermore, the National Transportation and Safety Board said they will be investigating the accident.

John Frost, author of the post, noted that this is probably a good thing.  “Despite what Disney thinks about classifying the Monorails as an Amusement Attraction they really are a form of railway and that is the arena of the NTSB.”

As Frost points out, the fact that OSHA allowed the monorail to resume operation so soon probably means that this was not a technological failure.  Disney has added extra safety precautions to the monorail system, and will possibly add a Cast Member who will make sure the switches are always locked in place before another train is allowed to move.

Finally, no riders will be allowed in the cone of the trains at this time.  Disney said this change was out of respect to the monorail operators.  Even through this accident, I don’t think that riding in the cone poses a serious safety concern, so I would expect this to return to normal after some time.

Thanks to John Frost for the update.


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