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New water show at California Adventure will bring a World of Color to the park.

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Yesterday I wrote a little about the multiplane camera, so today I’ll write about huge water fountains and high-definition projectors!

As part of the huge redesign going on at Disney’s California Adventure, a new nighttime water show will open in Spring 2010.  The World of Color, as the show is called, takes its name from Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, the TV show that ran on NBC in the 1960s.

Everything about this show sounds huge.  The heights of the fountains reach from 30 to 200 feet – one foot taller than the Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  The largest water screen will be 380 feet wide by 50 feet tall.  Over 30 HD projectors will be used to shoot images onto these water screens.  Some of the clips featured will be of Disney’s animated classics (such as The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland) and Disney-Pixar films (like Toy Story and Finding Nemo).

This show sounds simply stunning.  Not only will the technology be amazing, but the emotion and energy in this show may make it one of Disney’s premiere nighttime attractions.  This is like Fantasmic! “plussed.” 

If you’d like some more detailed specs and information about the show, check out this article from the Disneyland Resort Newsroom.  Also, for some interactive information about World of Color and other DCA redesigns, visit the Blue Sky Cellar at Disney’s California Adventure homepage.


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