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Disney Japan to start selling movies on microSD cards.

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According to Yahoo! Tech, Disney Japan is going to start selling movies packed onto a microSD card.  The movie will be playable on your mobile phone (if it has the ability to play terrestrial digital broadcasting) and other portable devices. 

It appears the card will be sold in a package that contains the DVD of the movie as well.  This package will retail for 4,935 yen – or the equivalent of $53.  The first movies planned for the format are Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure.

While this is somewhat impressive (these cards are tiny – smaller than your fingernail, actually), I can’t see how this is going to succeed.  First of all, who would pay $53 for a DVD and a memory card?  I think that’s a little high.  Second, you can’t use this with an iPod or iPhone, so iTunes is still the best choice for most people who would like digital distribution.  Third, this type of thing has been tried before.  SanDisk has been selling slotMusic cards for months.  How many of you have abandoned CDs or iTunes for slotMusic? 

All in all, it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.  I don’t think it’s going anywhere, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong…


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