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MouseStation Podcast: David Koenig discusses Disney World monorail accident.

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Since this whole story is surrounded by investigations and legal issues, I was really trying to leave the whole monorail story behind for a while.  But, on today’s MouseStation, I heard a really great discussion about the whole topic so I thought I’d share it.

If you have time, it’s really worth it to listen to the whole show.  David Koenig and Steven Ng talk about the story in great detail, and they bring up some great questions.  It runs just over 46 minutes, but I enjoyed every one of them.

Click here to visit the MoustStation web page where you can download the show, read the show notes, or listen to a streaming version in your browser.  While we still have no official word on what happened with the July 5 crash, I’d say these guys have it about as close as you’ll get. 


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