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Disney Parks enters the blogging world!

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Since my last post was about the Disney Blogosphere, this seems like a fitting next step to take.  Today, Disney Parks launched their official blog.  Check it out at  So far, they have a few interesting posts (a couple about Halloween time at the parks, one introduction, and one about autonomatronics).  This is definitely worth reading, and I welcome any foray Disney would like to take into social media and social networking.  And don’t forget to leave a comment as that’s a sure-fire way to get Disney to hear what the fans think about those topics.

I first heard about this story from The Disney Blog, so thanks to John Frost.  Head over there and join in his discussion also, because he has some very good commentary about the new blog as well.  (Also, if you’re as big a fan of The Disney Blog as I am, click here to help Mr. Frost out.  I know he would appreciate any help our community can provide.)

One last update for today: I’m working on a new article that I should have posted tomorrow – if all goes well.  Be on the lookout for that.  Also, head on over to and get acquainted with things there.  I’m very excited to be starting to work on a column that will appear on DizFanatic.  A huge thanks to the people there for inviting me to write for them!  Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting new events at DisTECH!


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