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Mickey gone gritty?

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I was staying away from posting this until I figured out if this was more rumor than fact, but it seems to be the real thing.  In fact, now that Game Informer magazine has revealed that this will appear in their November issue, it appears that this game is really on its way.  Here’s some art from GI’s Epic Mickey page:


The game has a surprisingly gritty look and feel, and I’m a little surprised Disney would go this way with their characters – especially with the mouse himself.  If you’d like some more screenshots of what the game may look like, take a look at this page from  (When you look at these screens, by the way, be sure to look for classic characters like Oswald and Horace Horsecollar.)

Epic Mickey is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii.  There aren’t a whole lot of details right now, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available.  Also, John Frost at The Disney Blog wrote that a recent article on the D23 page profiles the Blot, the villain that’s rumored to battle Mickey in the upcoming game. 

The November issue of Game Informer should hit shelves in a couple weeks, and it should have plenty of screenshots to keep everyone delighted.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on this game in the comments below!


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