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I finally got to see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D yesterday!  So now it’s time to talk about it.  I’m not going to discuss the movies that much, because I’ve seen these films a dozen times.  Honestly, I went to see how Disney Digital 3D looks on a classic movie.

I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve had my doubts about 3D films before, and while I still doubt that this is the future of filmmaking, I’m excited about some possibilities for RealD technology.  These movies looked like they were made for 3D.  You couldn’t even tell that these were originally 2D movies.  It is completely natural, and Toy Story lends itself perfectly to 3D.  I’m now looking forward to seeing how other classics look in Disney Digital 3D, so I’m excited for Beauty and the Beast when it comes out in Disney Digital 3D in 2011.

The technology itself works very well.  I am prone to 3D headaches, and I was still good after three solid hours of viewing.  I can usually last about 5 minutes with the 3D shows at the Disney Parks before I have to take the glasses off.  Furthermore, I could have my head at any angle without losing any of the 3D effect.  Pretty impressive.  The glasses still aren’t very comfortable to wear over prescription lenses, so I hope they can figure out something for that.  Perhaps a design along the lines of the clip-on sunglasses you can buy for your glasses?

I’ve heard some minor complaints about the colors being muted.  I was already expecting this, so it wasn’t a big issue for me.  The colors don’t look as vibrant as if you were viewing on your own television, but you’re also probably not wearing 3D glasses at home, either.  The glasses are slightly shaded, so you are going to block out some color.  That said, though, the colors are still pretty good for a 3D film – far better than when viewed through the red and blue glasses.

What I’m very excited for, though, is seeing Disney Digital 3D come to Disney Parks.  Star Tours 2.0 and a remastered Muppet Vision 3D are on the way, and I’m hoping we’ll see more attractions utilize DD3D (Mickey’s PhilharMagic, anyone?).

Overall, this was a completely enjoyable experience.  If you haven’t gotten out to see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D, there’s only about a day left.  So you better get out there as soon as you finish reading this!


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