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Disney officially unveils Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey screenshot

If this feels like old news, it kind of is – especially after Game Informer revealed the project a few weeks ago.  In any case, Disney officially unveiled Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii.  The game is set for release in fall of 2010, and will be an “edgy and unexpected” cartoon adventure. 

The game features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who is unsettled by Mickey’s rise to stardom.  Oswald becomes the first inhabitant of the Cartoon Wasteland, a world created by sorcerer Yen Sid (the sorcerer in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey’s famous short from Fantasia).  Mickey stumbles upon the Cartoon Wasteland, and our story goes from there.

I’ve got a really interesting quote here from Warren Spector from an article on IGN, a popular gaming site:

"The core of this game is the idea of choice and consequence, and how that defines both the character and the player," says Spector. "By putting the mischievous Mickey in an unfamiliar place and asking him to make choices – to help other cartoon characters or choose his own path – the game forces players to deal with the consequences of their actions. Ultimately, players must ask themselves, ‘What kind of hero am I?’ Each player will come up with a different answer."

To that point, click here for a brand new video from Game Informer with Warren Spector!

Finally, here’s a slew of brand new screenshots from IGN.

I’ll be covering Epic Mickey as new information comes out.  Stay tuned!


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