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A Disney Tech Christmas: Part 1

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Believe it or not, Christmas is sneaking up pretty quickly.  Next week is Thanksgiving, which means the Christmas season is right around the corner.  I thought it would be fun to cover some Disney technology gift ideas as a kickoff to DisTECH’s first holiday season.

First up is the In Scene Disney Princess Video Camera.  This nifty little piece of technology allows your little girl to make her own movies, and even put herself in the scene!  The really cool thing about this camera, though, is its built-in blue screen feature.  Yep, your child can create her own scenes and put herself right in the middle of them (shown below)!


The In Scene camera includes the Disney Flix software that further enhances your videos.  You can add sound and video effects among other fun editing features.  The camera also includes a tripod, USB cable, blue screen, and QuickStart guide.  My only gripe about this?  Where’s the pirates-themed In Scene for boys?  I think that’s a logical product.

The In Scene features a 2” color TFT screen.  It will record up to (take note of the “up to”) 30 minutes of video on built-in memory.  The video is recorded at 30 frames per second at a resolution of around 640×480.  (This is the best information I could find for the resolution.  None of Disney’s sites include specific information on resolution, so don’t be surprised if it’s higher or lower than 640×480.  The camera may downgrade the resolution when it goes through the Disney Flix editing software.)

You can get the camera at Disney’s online store and at for $79.95 plus shipping and tax where applicable.


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