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Disney Retires Lights of Winter Due to “Obsolete Tech.”

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I wasn’t going to post this until I saw the reason behind Disney’s decision to retire the Lights of Winter at Epcot.  According to the Disney Parks twitter feed, the lights will not appear this year because the tech used to operate the lights is obsolete.  I’d like to make it clear that I don’t mind change at the parks, so I don’t want this post to seem like a complaint. 

First of all, obsolete tech is no reason to just cancel the lights.  If the tech is that far behind the times, could we still enjoy them this year and have an update ready for next year?  I understand taking a year-round attraction down to make an update.  For example, you can’t renovate Space Mountain without closing it for a couple months.  But these lights appear for a little over one month each year, leaving over 10 months to have something ready.  Is this just a way of saying that some piece was old and broken, and that kept the lights from working properly?

Secondly, I would have an easier time believing that this was a cost-cutting effort.  Everyone knows how bad of a year this has been economically, and we’ve heard of other cuts at the parks over this year.  I would have accepted this reason over the old technology reason any day.

Finally, I just hope this isn’t a forever thing.  I would love to see some lights come back to Epcot next year.  It doesn’t have to be the Lights of Winter, either.  While this was a beautiful display, I would love to see something bigger and better.  If obsolete tech is really what kept the Lights of Winter from appearing this year, then update the tech for next year. 

Once again, I’m not mad about this, so I hope this didn’t come off as a rant.  I just don’t understand the meaning behind their reason for retiring the lights.  This was basically just my way of thinking this through out loud, so thanks for coming along for the ride!


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