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New Teaser Poster and Image from “Tron: Legacy.”

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Tron Legacy Logo

MSN has a brand new teaser poster and a still image of Disney’s “Tron: Legacy”, due in theaters next December (in Disney Digital 3D, to boot).  I know we still have a while to wait for the next Tron film, but I don’t think it’s too early to get excited.  Judging just from these two images, the new Tron is looking like a Disney geek’s dream come true.  The costumes look great, definitely worth the 27-year wait.

Tron is one of those movies that really hit with a certain crowd, and is now considered a cult classic.  It still has a pretty devoted fan base, and if you’re one of those devoted fans I’m sure you’re excited for this movie.  The fact that Disney thinks this story deserves to be revisited so long after its original inception is testament to how strong they believe this fan base to be.  This is also a great film to make considering the technological revolution our world has seen since the original.

Anyway, be sure to drool over the new images.  Also, head over to the official site to sign up for updates.

(Thanks to Stitch Kingdom for posting this!)


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