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A Disney Tech Christmas: Part 4

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Toy Story Mania cover art

Christmas Day is fast approaching, so this will probably be the last Disney gift idea I’ll have time to write about.  It is, however, a pretty fun idea and could be a great idea for a gift for your whole family.  Part 4 of A Disney Tech Christmas is Toy Story Mania! for the Nintendo Wii.  Click below to read on!

This isn’t going to be a review of the game, more like a general overview of the game.  If you want an in-depth review before you buy, here’s one from IGN’s Wii site.  If you want to play this game, you’ll obviously need a Nintendo Wii.  These are available at many retailers for $199.99, and I’ve been seeing some pretty good Christmas deals on the systems (mostly bundled gift cards or games, not really any discounts on the system itself).

Toy Story Mania! is based on the popular ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure.  Like the ride, you’ll be participating in a number of midway-style carnival games and other mini-games.  Many of these you’ll recognize if you’ve experienced the attraction at the parks.  There are 10 shooting galleries and 30 mini-games that up to four players can enjoy.  Also, the game comes with four 3D glasses so you can play bonus levels in 3D.  It may not be the best implementation of 3D, but at least it gives you another way to experience the game.

The game usually retails for $49.99, but is offering a 20% cut.  So, head on over at grab it at a $10 discount.  Their product page also has a quick promotional video and some screenshots, allowing you to see it in action. also has a video trailer and some more screenshots for your enjoyment.  I know this may not be the best game, but I think it would be a fun gift to just have a some family fun.

I hope you enjoyed some of these Christmas ideas.  Even if you weren’t interested in buying anything, I hope you had fun seeing some of the technology items Disney is offering right now.  If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for next year, please leave a comment below, email me, or post something at the Facebook fan page.  These are all great ways to get in touch, and I’ll be sure to respond to anything you send me.


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