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More Details on KeyChest Emerge.

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I’ve been waiting for details like this, and I think I’m pretty happy about what I hear.  Since I first heard about KeyChest, I’ve been concerned about it being just another DRM solution (DRM being technology that allows consumers to only use content they purchase a certain way and on a certain number of machines).  As it turns out, KeyChest isn’t another form of DRM.  For more details, click here to jump over to Engadget to read their thoughts on KeyChest. I’ll just sum it up by saying that KeyChest sounds like a way to access content you buy across other services that already have their own form of DRM.

I’m also very glad to hear that Disney does not expect this to turn a profit, either.  They obviously don’t want it to run at a loss, but at least this doesn’t sound like it’s driven by dollar signs.

Any thoughts on KeyChest now that we’re hearing a little more about it?  Leave a comment below!  You can also head over to the Facebook page or Twitter page and discuss it there!


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