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Disney and the iPad: Post-Announcement.

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First of all, I’m holding off on the “how do you feel about the iPad” debate for now.  I have my reservations (as you may have read on Facebook), but I want to really play with the iPad before I make any official opinions.  In this post, I just want to take some time and talk about Disney’s part in this whole shebang. 

Maybe you read my post about my pre-announcement ideas for Disney’s involvement with the iPad.  I did say that I didn’t think Disney would be a part of the official launch event, and aside from a couple seconds of Up I was right.  I did expect, however, a few other Disney-related iPad news items, and I struck out on those.

No iTunes “Best of TV” announcement?  Very interesting.  Disney and CBS were supposedly interested in the idea, but we’ve had no news on that front.  I was honestly expecting this to happen, and the whole video part of the announcement seemed a little flat without it.

As far as streaming movies from Disney Movies Online, the lack of Flash support on the iPad has killed that idea for now.  In my last post, I speculated about the possibility of using this site to stream movies to a connected device like the iPad.  Like the iPhone, however, the iPad does not have Flash – a main requirement for Disney Movies Online.  The idea isn’t completely dead, but it looks like you’ll be watching your movies in iTunes for now.

There’s still two months until this device hits the streets, which means I think we’ll be getting morsels of news until launch day.  I also have to think that means we’ll hear what Disney has planned for the iPad in some official capacity.  That just means we have more time for speculation and our own blue sky Imagineering!

And here’s mine: the eBook application opens some awesome windows for Disney Books.  Imagine downloading a book about the history of Disneyland, for example.  You’ll get full color, high resolution images.  iBooks is also reportedly able to embed video.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to read the history of Disneyland with embedded video of the construction of the park?

That’s all for now.  Maybe I’ll post new ideas as I think of them.  If there’s one thing to be said about the iPad, it is an interesting device.  I should be able to think of a few exciting ideas for it!


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