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Classic Console: Mickey Mousecapade

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It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these.  I’ve been really excited to write about this one, because this is another of those games I played growing up.  This trip to Disney’s Classic Console takes us through Mickey Mousecapade, an NES adventure starring Mickey and Minnie.   Join me for another classic gaming experience!

Mickey Mousecapade title screen.

The story behind Mickey Mousecapade is pretty straightforward.  You control Mickey and Minnie on a journey through five levels (the Fun House, the Ocean, the Forest, the Pirate Ship, and the Castle).  Your mission is to rescue Alice from the clutches of the evil Maleficent.  This is the final boss fight of the fifth stage, which means you’ll have to clear four other challenging levels before you can even think about this part of the game.  You’re going to encounter baddies from other Disney titles along the way, too.  By the way, I’m going to talk about the American version of this game.  There are some differences in the American and Japanese versions, and I’ll talk about some of those differences later.

I said before that you control two characters, Mickey and Minnie.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  Minnie can be kidnapped, which means you’ll have to find her.  This can be a pain.  You also have to make sure she’s safe when you’re jumping over a chasm or over water.  If Mickey lands safely but Minnie falls, you’ll lose a life and have to start that level over.  On the other hand, Minnie is invincible and – if you do some searching – you’ll find that she can fire weapons, too.  This is incredibly handy in sections of the game where you can send Minnie to fight enemies and keep Mickey in safety.  You’ll be able to defeat a boss without taking any damage!

The first level is the Fun House.  You’ll have to watch out for bad guys at every turn, and if you know your Disney movies you will recognize the bad guys.  You’ll need to find a key that lets you leave the so-called Fun House, and you’ll have to fight the boss to get the key, of course.  Before you leave this level, though, be sure to find the extra set of weapons that Minnie can use.  It’s possible to beat the game without it, but it’s incredibly useful.  I have a screenshot of the final boss below.  Though it’s not shown here, you can send Minnie up the ladder by herself to fight the witch without getting hurt.  Works like a charm!

The first boss.  Name that villain!

After the Fun House, you’ll take a trip to the Ocean.  Watch out for the waves and all manners of beach creatures.  Also take the time to shoot the clouds with your weapons.  Sometimes you’ll find crystals to replenish your life, and sometimes you’ll find a fairy to make you invincible.  These are hidden throughout all levels, so be on the lookout.  I haven’t found any resource to confirm this, but since these are all Disney characters I believe this has to be Tinker Bell.  Defeat the boss here and you’ll move on to the Forest.  This next level is pretty much a maze.  You’ll go through each of the four seasons, but you have to find the right door to advance to the next season.  So unless you feel like spending time guessing which door to go through, I would suggest finding a good walkthrough.  Here’s a link to a very good guide that will help you get through this level.

Some help at the Ocean.

After the Forest, you’ll board a Pirate Ship.  This level is challenging if you only have enough weapons for Mickey.  You’re really going to appreciate having weapons for Minnie in this level.  In the Pirate Ship, you have to advance from one side of the ship to the other, even going below deck along the way.  You’ll have to fight Peg Leg Pete to move on to the Castle.  The final level is really the hardest.  Once again, I would suggest a good guide to give you a hand.  You’ll battle a couple of bosses in this level, including one you already beat.  If you have the patience to get through to the final boss, you’ll find a tough battle waiting.  The final boss is Maleficent, and she’s not very easy to beat.  If you manage it, though, you’ve won the game!

This game was released in America in 1988, and it was release in Japan in 1987.  The two versions, while similar in level design, have completely different bosses.  The first level, for example, has the Cheshire Cat instead of the Wicked Witch from Snow White.  The Pirate Ship pits you against Captain Hook rather than Peg Leg Pete, and the Castle features the Queen of Hearts in place of Maleficent.  Hudson Soft was the original publisher for the game in Japan, and they based the game mostly on the movie Alice in Wonderland – which is why you find more of those characters in that game.  The US version was published by Capcom, and we got a wider variety of Disney villains in this version.  According to the Wikipedia article, our villains come from The Jungle Book, Country Bear Jamboree, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Other differences include changes it items (the Japanese version has Donald Duck heads to increase life instead of diamonds) and weapons (the US version has Mickey shooting stars instead of white orbs).  The names of the levels were also slightly different.

Mickey Mousecapades is a fun retro game.  It’s not the deepest game out there, but the gameplay is good and it’s fun to play against the popular Disney villains.  You can still find this game from time to time on eBay, and remember that Google is always your friend.  I hope that this game finds its way onto any of the download services the current consoles offer.  I’d love to see this game offered to consumers again.

Have you played it?  Got any tips to offer?  Want to share your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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