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Toy Story 3 Coming To All Consoles This June.

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Toy Story 3: The Video Game preliminary box art.

Three days before the highly anticipated movie hits theaters, you’ll be able to experience the third installment of the Toy Story franchise on your gaming consoles.  That’s right – Toy Story 3: The Video Game will be released on the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and Windows PC machines on June 15, 2010.  iPhone and iPod Touch apps will also be available at $4.99.  (What about an iPad-optimized version?)

Naturally, you’ll be able to play through the story of the film.  What has me really excited about this game though is the Toy Box mode – a feature of the game that allows you to play sandbox style.  You create the story and interact with the characters as you see fit.  From the press release:

Toy Story 3: The Video Game addresses a fact understood by every kid: imagination is what truly brings toys to life,” said John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Avalanche Software. “That’s really what a toy box is about. We remember that kind of play from our own childhood, and it’s where we began as game designers. With this title, we want to encourage and reward creativity in others.”

This sounds very cool.  I love video games that give you the reigns and let you experience an interactive world on your own terms.  It’s also great if you buy the game before the movie hits theaters and don’t want any of the story spoiled before you see the film.  I really hope they also focus on great gameplay so the game feels solid and unique.  We’ll have to wait and see if that pans out, though.

Until then, I’ll keep looking for new information and screenshots/videos of the game in action.  If you want to read the full press release, click here.


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