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My Thoughts on Mobile Magic

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When Mobile Magic first came out, I wasn’t able to review it because it wasn’t available on the model of phone I have.  Since then, it’s been talked about and reviewed by a number of other great sources, and chances are that you’ve read one by now.  So, I decided not to do a full review.  But I do want to talk about it, so I’m going to quickly cover some of its advantages and disadvantages.  Click below for more!


The first thing I noticed about Mobile Magic is that it really does offer a wealth of information.  Whether you’re looking for transportation information or the times your favorite character will appear in the parks, you can find it with Mobile Magic.  Not to mention that you get this information for both US resorts – Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  You’re going to find all of the wait times, FASTPASS return times, theme park events, dining information (without menus), and more.  These are pretty accurate, even the attraction wait times. 

One of the cooler features of Mobile Magic is its ability to use GPS information from your phone to determine which park you are in.  Once it knows where you are, it displays an icon to show you your present location.  This is helpful if you need a hand in navigating the parks as it will help lead you to your desired destination.  The GPS feature does create a major drawback, though, and I’ll get to that next.


Let’s start off with what I think is Mobile Magic’s major setback.  While GPS has its advantages, Mobile Magic is only capable of showing you detailed information for the park you are in at the moment.  So, if you look at attractions for a park you aren’t visiting at the moment, it will only show you vague wait times and FASTPASS return times.  All of that information I mentioned above suddenly becomes more limited.  I know this isn’t a limitation imposed by GPS, but it is a limitation written into the software.  I don’t quite get the idea behind limiting information that way.  If I have a Park Hopper ticket, for example, I might want to see what the wait time at the Tower of Terror is like before I leave Epcot.  I think that’s an essential feature that should be in this app.

I know this disadvantage might be limited to a small use case, but the phone I have has an external touch screen and it flips open for texting features (so it has a standard screen and buttons on the inside).  I noticed that Mobile Magic isn’t very easy to use with my phone, and I found myself flipping the phone open to use the keypad and buttons rather than the touch interface.  It was much easier to use that way.

Inbetween Thoughts

Mobile Magic is available exclusively on Verizon Wireless.  Great if you’re on that network, but not so great if you are on another network.  Disney does have mobile web sites for Disneyland and Walt Disney World ( and that offer vague wait time and other park information.  Mobile Magic runs $9.99 per six months of use, not bad for all the information you get but more expensive than other similar apps.  Remember also, that this is only six months of use, so you’ll be paying twice if you want to use the app in the park later in the same year. 

Overall, Mobile Magic is still a great app.  It’s a great tool to help you enjoy the parks and lessen the need to run from one end of the park to the other to check wait times.  For a world that’s now used to having information a click away, Mobile Magic is an extremely useful program.  It’s a great $10 to spend for your vacation, and if some of those disadvantages are addressed it will become a no-brainer.

Have you used Mobile Magic?  Have any other thoughts to add?  I’d love to hear it, so leave a comment below!


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