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Review: 2010 Walt Disney World Notescast for iPod classic and nano (Updated).

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WDW Notescast - 2 Full iPods - Main Menus & Title

Not long ago, TimeStream Software updated their iPhone and iPod Touch Walt Disney World Guide Notescast for the 2010 season.  You may remember, though, that they also sell a WDW Notescast for the iPod classic and iPod nano as well.  Recently, this version of the Notescast also got an update.  The Notescast is available for download at for only $1.99.  It’s a great price, but how does it stack up?  Click below to find out!

WDW Notescast - Goofy

First of all, I reviewed this software on an iPod Classic 120 GB unit (I think this is the second generation of this iPod – I bought it in 2008).  On the list of supported devices, this is one of the newer models.  The WDW Notescast works on the iPod classic, iPod video (5th generation), and the iPod nano (photos won’t work on the 1st and 2nd generation nano).

Let’s start from the beginning.  You can purchase the App from the Disney section of (click here to jump straight to the site).  You can use a couple different secure payment methods.  I used PayPal, but Google Checkout is also available.  After you complete payment, you’ll receive an email with a download link.  Download the file, decompress it, and you’re ready to put it on your iPod!

Putting the Notescast on my iPod was pretty easy.  You’ll have to enable your iPod for disk use.  To do this, click “Enable disk use” on your iPod screen in iTunes. has a guide for installing a Notescast that you can read here.  Once your iPod is set to disk use, find your iPod in your file browser (Explorer for Windows users and Finder for Mac users).  In the Notes folder, copy and paste or drag and drop the uncompressed Walt Disney World Notescast – 2010 folder.  Eject the iPod from iTunes and your ready to go!  You can find the guide by going to “Extras” and “Notes” on your iPod.

WDW Notescast - Main Menu Screen I

Pretty seamless so far.  The first thing you’ll notice is that you’ll have two options when you start the Notescast.  You can view photos or read the guide.  The photos are a separate entity in the iPod Notescast.  In the iPhone and iPod Touch Apps, the photos were incorporated into the notes, but the iPod simply doesn’t handle notes that way.  It’s not a fault of the Notescast or how it was written or put together, it’s simply how it works.  The fact that I’m turning my iPod into a tour guide kind of offsets this minor inconvenience.  But you should be aware of this fact.

Let’s go into the guide first.  You’ll notice you have a lot of options in here.  This is truly a full-featured guide that fits in your pocket!  You’ll find information on everything from attractions to important phone numbers.  There are sections on what’s new and what’s coming, even a section devoted to finding some of those famous hidden Mickeys.  There really is a ton of park (and resort) information here.  It beats carrying around a full paperback.

WDW Notescast - Ticket Pricing - Full iPod

One of the new features in the 2010 version is the dining section.  I’m so happy to see this in the updated Notescast – it was one of the missing pieces before.  In the dining section, you’ll find information about Disney’s Dining Plan, restaurants that participate in the Dining Plan, the Tables in Wonderland card, and information on special dietary needs.  You’ll find some great information and tips on dining during your vacation, so I’m really happy to see this part added to the Notescast.  It only makes it more complete.  The restaurants at Walt Disney World are going to be a memorable part of your vacation, so you’ll appreciate having some knowledge of your options before you go.  Even while you’re on vacation, you may find that having this information in your pocket is extremely handy.

WDW Notescast - Train

On to the pictures.  This little Notescast is bursting with pictures – there are over 250 of them (267 by my count).  It’s a great number of pictures.  On my iPod, they don’t look as crisp as they do on the promotional images.  They look somewhat pixelated.  I’m guessing this is because of the larger screen size on my iPod.  I don’t have a nano here, or I’d compare and see how the images look on there.  If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll once again update this review and let you all know!


I had one minor file transfer hiccup when I started reviewing the WDW Notescast, but that has since been fixed.  I’ve downloaded it, installed it, and everything works perfectly.  I really liked what I saw in this Notescast, and I love the fact that I can fit everything in my iPod.

Overall, this is a great addition to my iPod.  I have my music collection and a lot of videos on this iPod, so I tend to take it with me almost everywhere I go.  I’ll be happy to have the Walt Disney World Notescast on there from now on.  If you have an iPod, this is easy to download, easy to install, and contains great information.  For $1.99, you’re basically getting a smaller guide book that you can fit in your pocket.  How great is that!  To buy and download your WDW Notescast, click here.


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  1. There are also a variety of Disney apps out now, both for iPhone and a number of Verizon’s phones. Especially for someone new to the parks these can be a real help and a lot less cumbersome than carrying around a guidebook.

    • That’s very true. I’d like to get into reviewing all of these different apps sometime soon. To have a guide with a pretty strong feature set that fits on a small device is so convenient. And these devices are everywhere – if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, chances are pretty good that you have a regular iPod that can also give you access to some neat programs. If you don’t have any of those, there are a ton of cell phone applications out there. There are some really cool things happening in the WDW app market.

  2. The interesting thing about Verizon’s Disney Mobile Magic app (the official Disney World app), is that it is not available for smart phones, i.e. Blackberry. Most of the phones that this app is compatible with are just regular type phones. Blackberry users can use a combination of other apps and/or mobile websites like “Lines” from, there’s a WDW app for Blackberry found on the Blackberry World website, and there’s a mobile website for Steve Soares’ Disney World Entertainment. But, it would be nice to have an all-in-one rather than having to go from one to another.

    • You’re exactly right about that, and it’s a huge reason Mobile Magic still has some vast improvements to make. It’s nice that you can get at least some of the features by visiting and It’s not a full-featured solution, but at least it’s something. You’ve mentioned some great third party tools, especially Lines. If only it had a Disneyland counterpart…

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