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The World of Cars Online Open Beta.

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Cars beta

Disney’s next entry in the world of online community games is here – at least in Beta mode.  The World of Cars is ready to take new motorists to Radiator Springs if you’re willing to help them along a little.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a Beta is a pre-release version of a program that basically lets you test the road a little.  Be prepared for some potholes, though, because while a Beta may be somewhat far along in development, it’s not finished yet.  Your job is to help Disney identify potential issues with the program.  In fact, at the top of the screen you should see a “Report a Bug” button.  If you have any problems, report them by using that button.  The more you help them now, the more stable the game will be when it’s officially released.

That said, though, Route 66 through Radiator Springs is basically open.  You can create your own car, and as MMO games go, you’ll be able to get add-ons and special items as you play.  So, why not get a little head start and join the Beta?  Click here to give it a whirl!

Sorry for all of the bad jokes, by the way.  It was hard to resist.


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  1. it be cool on the front


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