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Profiles in Tech: Maurice

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Tonight, I’m launching a new series of article on DisTECH!  I’m going to profile some of those characters in Disney’s history that are just a little bit geeky, but they are techies through and through.  They may be main characters, or they may be those supporting characters that we don’t see as much.  If you’re ready to kick off this series on Disney’s tech characters, click below!

Our first character is Maurice, Belle’s father in 1991’s Beauty and the Beast.  Maurice, heralded as the “crazy old loon” by some of the town’s population, is an aspiring inventor.  When we first meet him, his latest creation has just caused an explosion at the cottage he shares with his daughter.  The creation is a wood-cutting machine, and Maurice is just about to give up on it.

Besides the large contraption that’s occupying Maurice’s time, try to take a look at the scenery around the cottage.  You’ll find Maurice is interested in more than just an automated axe machine.  In fact, it appears he tries to keep up with the science and technology of the time period.  You’ll even find some evidence that he is at least interested in astronomy (notice the telescope and the globe).  Also keep an eye out for the beaker in the background.

Maurice’s newest invention probably would have been groundbreaking back then.  What would be our modern equivalent of an automatic wood cutter?  We’re obviously talking about a time when wood was a major necessity, and a lot of time would have been spent splitting wood.  Yet Maurice had the know-how to create a solution that could benefit everyone.

So, what do you think?  How does Maurice stand up as a techie?  Leave a comment below and let me know!  I’d love to hear your input on this.  Also, do you have a character that you would like to see here?  Be sure to let me know.


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