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Betamouse – “Disney with Laptops”

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I found this podcast a little over a week ago, and I figured it needs to have a place on DisTECH.  Betamouse is truly a podcast for Disney geeks who are interested in technology.  What I’m going to do is post a quick update with every new episode and let you know what that episode is about.  You’ll have to listen to the show to get all the details, though.  This isn’t my version of CliffsNotes!

This is Betamouse’s sixth episode.  The panel (made up of Henry Work, Jeff Chaney, Nate Parrish, Scott Barrett, and Katie Siloac) is discussing traveling to Disney with laptops.  They have tips for traveling with your laptop (including discussion on laptop bags and hotel security), and find out if any members of the panel have carried a laptop into the parks.  Personally, I’ve never even entertained that thought!

Click here to check out this episode of Betamouse!  You can also download the show in iTunes.


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  1. Great! Yet another Disney-related distraction to help me make it thru the week.
    Adding it to my list of podcasts to listen to every week.
    I’ve just listened to the latest, and now I’m going back to the beginning. They’re geeky, but so am I, and I like the topics they’re discussing.

    • My day job is a boring desk job, so I need any Disney-distraction I can get! I know what you mean!
      I listened to their past episodes, too, and found that each one piqued my interest. I’m really enjoying this show so far. It’s got the right mixture of Disney and geek – perfect for me! Glad you’re enjoying it, too!


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