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Review: Disneyland Park Guide Notescast.

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This is an interesting review for me.  With the other Notescast reviews I’ve done, I’ve been familiar with the parks.  It’s hard for me to get to California, though, so I’ve yet to make it out to Disneyland.  This is almost like a tour of somewhere I’ve never been, which is a unique experience.  It gives me a different perspective than I had with the previous Notescasts.  I’m excited to jump into this app, so click below if you’re ready as well!

The Disneyland Notescast has a ton of information on Walt’s original park.  This is the one that started it all, so you’ll want to make sure to take in as much as possible while you’re there.  This guide can help you do that.  You might want to keep in mind that this app does not cover Disney’s California Adventure.  There are a few useful tidbits of info about DCA in this app, but this is mostly dedicated to Disneyland Park.  California Adventure is in such a state of flux that any guide to it will be rapidly outdated, anyway.  As things calm down at DCA, it will be easier to create a comprehensive guide.

Main menu

This Notescast features a very comprehensive list of topics to take you on a tour of Disneyland.  From the app’s description in the App Store, here’s a list of what you’ll find in the Notescast:

  • Welcome to Disneyland
  • 57 Disneyland Attractions
  • Disneyland Park – Tickets
  • Disneyland Park – Hours
  • Disneyland Park – Parades & Shows
  • Disneyland Park – Find Disney Characters
  • Disneyland Park – “Must Do’s”
  • Disneyland Park – Tours
  • Disneyland Park – What’s New
  • Disneyland Park – Phone Numbers
  • Disneyland Park – Hotels
  • Disneyland Park – Hotel FAQs
  • Disneyland Park – Hotel Phone Numbers
  • Disneyland Park – Tips
  • Disneyland Park – Vacation Planning Tips
  • Disneyland Park – Parking Information
  • Disneyland Park – Guests with Disabilities
  • Disneyland Park Phone Numbers
  • Countless Sub-Categories of Each of the Above
  • Easily Bookmark Your Favorite Pages

You can navigate through any of these categories (and their sub-categories) from the main menu (screen shown above).  If you want to see the rides at Disneyland, touch the "Disneyland – Attractions" option.  In this case, this section takes you to a sub-section that lets you see attractions organized alphabetically or by land.  I like the flexibility there – it makes it easier to find the attraction you’re looking for.  If you know exactly what attraction you want to see, the alphabetical option is great.  If you’re standing in a particular land of the park, though, it would be great to see what’s in that land at that moment. 

When you’re finished reading any particular section, press the "Back" button at the top left of the screen.  Some notes have links to related notes, something I’m really fond of.  This gives you the chance to bounce throughout the app if you find something you’d like to know more about.  Another navigation feature I like (and one I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned in my other reviews) is the ability to bookmark pages.  It’s a great way to mark those pages you know you’ll be coming back to. 

Disneyland Notescast - 4 Screens I As far as information goes, there’s a plethora.  You’ll read information on just about every aspect of the park, including parades, attractions, hotels, vacation tips, frequently asked questions, and more (the list above gives you a great idea on the topics included in this app).  There are a few sections that discuss dining options, including character meals.  I do wish there was a dedicated dining section to the app, but perhaps we’ll see that in a future version.  I was impressed to see the section on Captain EO included in the app, as that’s a brand-new (in a way) to Disneyland.  One little piece of information that’s already outdated, though, is the section on "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day."  It’s not TimeStream’s fault, as the news was broke rather recently.  Be aware, though, that this program has reached its goal of one million volunteers, meaning you can no longer register for the program to get your free Disney ticket. 

As for the rest of the content, it loaded with great information.  I particularly like the "Must Do’s" section: it gives you a pretty comprehensive list of all those things you just shouldn’t miss.  I also like the list of phone numbers you get.  It’s always handy to have those numbers close to you, and you get a long list of Disney phone numbers and a list of numbers for the Good Neighbor hotels also.  This could be some really useful information to have as your exploring the park. 

Disneyland Notescast - Haunted Mansion - iPhone

Now, on to what I always say is the best part of the app.  The information you get is great, but the pictures that go along with it are beautiful.  You’ll even find a few pictures you can’t get as a normal park guest (the Haunted Mansion picture above, for example, which was taken after hours with special lighting).  There are a few pictures like this, so be on the lookout as you’re poking through the app.

And there are a bunch of photos.  While the app itself contains over 130 pages of information, there are over 300 photos.  The app is saturated with these pictures, and that’s not a bad thing at all.  I know the people at TimeStream put a lot of work into writing the information, but they also spend a lot of time with these photos.  After all, someone has to do the actual photography work and make sure the pictures are optimized for the iPhone’s screen.  They definitely look great; they are all crisp, clean, and offer great color.  I think you’ll enjoy just checking out the pictures.  Since I’ve yet to visit Disneyland, I’ve now seen parts of the parks I hadn’t seen before. 

Disneyland Notescast - iPhone - wApp Icon Overall, this is a great app to help you plan for or tour Disneyland Park.  While the park itself may not be as large as Disney’s other parks, it’s packed with unique experiences you won’t get in other parks. You’ll want to make sure to have something to help you make the most of your experience.  This may be the app to help you do that, and I recommend you give it a try.  You’ll benefit from the fact that it never needs access to the Internet, so all your information will always be available to you – even if you’re using an iPod Touch that requires wi-fi (or AT&T lets your down, but that’s another story). 

To download the Disneyland Park Guide, visit the App Store and download it.  You can also find it in iTunes by clicking here.  It’s only $2.99, which isn’t a bad price at all.  You won’t find a guide book for that price anywhere, and the pictures are worth the price alone.  For more information about Notescasts and TimeStream Software, visit their web site.

Have you used this app or any of the other Notescasts available?  If so, I’d love to hear what you think!  Leave a comment below to share your experience!


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