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Betamouse – "Living Character Initiative."

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betamouse This week’s episode of Betamouse covers one of my favorite topics in Disney technology: the Living Character Initiative.  On the heels of Disney’s "playtest" with the talking Mickey Mouse character that appeared in Disneyland, the panel discusses the pros and cons of this video, as well as some other topics concerning the LCI. 

Personally, I loved the video (I’ve embedded it below).  I hope this technology gets perfected soon so we can see this a little more regularly, and possibly have it become an everyday attraction.  Listen to this episode of Betamouse to hear what the panel has to say!

To hear the episode, click here to jump to the Betamouse web site. You can also download the show in iTunes. 

Oh, and if anyone in the Betamouse panel is reading, how about a show on the Facebook privacy debacle that’s brewed over the last few weeks?  A lot of the Disney community congregates on Facebook, so this could have some implications on the community.  Just a thought…


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  1. Facebook debacle, interesting ep topic! Will consider!


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