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World of Color Makes Waves in DCA, Your Computer Screen.

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After so much anticipation, World of Color finally made its grand debut on Thursday, June 10.  Those in attendance got a magnificent show, but Disney made an interesting move that allowed thousands of people worldwide to see the show’s birth as well.  The show itself is astounding in terms of technology, but having its debut also be a live webcast is tech genius. 

That’s right.  Disney hosted a live broadcast on that allowed everyone to experience the first showing of World of Color.  The World of Color channel is still up at USTREAM, so click here if you want to check it out (although it doesn’t look like you’ll find the video there, I’ll give you a place to find it a little later).

For more on the webcast and, of course, my thoughts on the show itself, click below to jump inside!

I guess we’ll start with the webcast itself.  I was very excited that Disney decided to do something like this.  It was completely unnecessary on their part, yet it gave fans a way to experience something they would not have experienced otherwise.  Sure, you probably would have been able to see recorded video later, but Disney gave you the chance to watch it live.  Isn’t that the power of the Internet?  Disney seems to be catching on to that idea, and I hope they keep moving in the right direction.

From what I saw, the number of people viewing the live stream reached a peak of just over 9,300.  That’s nothing to scoff at.  It was somewhat strange that it was consistently at around 7,000-8,000 viewers until the very end of the show when it spiked.  I kind of feel bad for those 1,000 people that found out just as the show was ending!  If you are one of those people (or if you just want to relive the event), you can find video of the event here:

And that leads me to my next thought – I love the Living Character Initiative Mickey Mouse!  I think we now know exactly why Disney chose to test that piece of tech when they did.  It had to planned for this event.  Overall, it’s quite impressive.  The mouth movement is fluid, but the eyes still need something extra.  I hate to nitpick like that, but the rest of him seems so real.  The eyes are still one thing that need a little more "life." 

But I suppose I have to share my thoughts on the show itself, right?  What can I say – it’s amazing.  World of Color has quickly become my new favorite show at a Disney Park, and I haven’t even seen it in person!  It’s hard to get a feel for just how large this show is when you see it on your computer screen.  Those mist screens are absolutely huge!  And the images projected onto the mist are crisp and clear – I’d say a far higher quality than Fantasmic! 

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of the stats about World of Color already, so I won’t bore you with those.  I just want to mention this, though: keep in mind when you watch this show just how complex it is.  Imagine the programming that’s required in something like this.  You can’t just plug in a few lights and water fountains and let it run.  This has to be carefully planned and constructed, every move timed and synchronized with everything else going on at that particular moment.  It’s a truly amazing accomplishment.

So, if you don’t mind spoilers, check out those videos above.  I understand if you want to save it for your next visit to see it in person.  You have a stronger will than I do if you’re willing to wait, though!  This show is definitely worth the view.

I want to sign off with this: Disney gets some bad raps from their fan base for some things, some of it deserved and some not.  What they did for the debut event of World of Color, however, was superb.  You have to give them a hand for putting on a show like that AND broadcasting it for everyone to experience.  It’s the right thing to do, and tech got the job done!


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