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An Announcement and Some Housecleaning!

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Wow, it’s been a long time.  I hope there’s someone still out there who’ll read this!  I have to apologize yet again for my little sabbatical I had to take.  Life just caught up with me, I was flooded with work, and my wife and I just finished moving into our first house together.  So, after we bought the house we had the chance to discover just how much stuff we have accumulated in less than a year.   It’s been somewhat crazy over the last two months here.

But I finally have the chance to sit down at a keyboard again.  I left so many ideas sitting in the hopper that I still have to bring to life ā€“ I hope they haven’t gotten stale!  So, my announcement is this: I’m back and ready to get DisTECH going again.  But, as you may have read, I also have some housecleaning to do around here. 

I’ve decided I’m changing up the format here a little bit.  I’m not going to try and cover breaking news anymore.  You all get the same news from a dozen different sources, and I know this because I get the news from the same sources!  So, here’s my plan: I’m going to do more commentary and special sections.  Things like the Disney Classic Console will be happening more often.  I’m also planning on posting once or twice a week.  I want to focus more on each post I write, and perhaps make them a little longer.

Hopefully I can get this up and running again.  DisTECH was making a lot of progress before my life went haywire, and I hated having to set it aside for a while.  I want to thank everyone who is still reading this ā€“ you guys and girls are the best!


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