Digitally Disney: Adapting to Changes

It’s really quite amazing how much the world has changed in the span of just a few short weeks. At the beginning of this month, I was fully expecting to take my daughter to see Onward in the theaters. But I made the mistake of thinking I could wait for a week after it released.Continue reading “Digitally Disney: Adapting to Changes”

Disney And Hulu Talk New Deal For Streaming.

Before you get too excited, I should tell you this seems to be more of a business deal.  The good news is that Disney content will continue to appear on Hulu, but it also sounds like the number of ads displayed during shows will increase as well.  I should also tell you, however, that thisContinue reading “Disney And Hulu Talk New Deal For Streaming.”

Disney on the iPad: Day One.

Well, it’s here!  This is the day many of you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for.  I’ll start this post off by making one thing clear: I don’t have an iPad…yet.  But it is making some big waves in the technology world, and Disney is riding those waves.  What Disney-related apps areContinue reading “Disney on the iPad: Day One.”

Disney HD Movies Come to the PlayStation Network.

Sony had a nice little treat for PS3 owners today.  They announced that they have signed all six major movie studios to deliver content on its PlayStation Network.  That means you’ll have access to 19 movies from Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.  That initialContinue reading “Disney HD Movies Come to the PlayStation Network.”

Thomas Smith and Disney Moms on WDW Radio.

This week’s WDW Radio Show was like a mini social media extravaganza, and I thought it should be mentioned on a blog about technology.  Host Lou Mongello started the show by talking to a panel of Disney Moms about the recent Summer Nightastic! announcement.  These moms are all great presences in the social media world,Continue reading “Thomas Smith and Disney Moms on WDW Radio.”

Disney and the iPad: Post-Announcement.

First of all, I’m holding off on the “how do you feel about the iPad” debate for now.  I have my reservations (as you may have read on Facebook), but I want to really play with the iPad before I make any official opinions.  In this post, I just want to take some time andContinue reading “Disney and the iPad: Post-Announcement.”

Will Disney Be a Factor in Apple’s Big Event?

If you listen for news about the tech industry in even the slightest way, you have to be following the tech news of another planet to have not heard about Apple’s oft-rumored tablet device.  This gadget has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and even mainstream media for some time now, and they hype onlyContinue reading “Will Disney Be a Factor in Apple’s Big Event?”

More Details on KeyChest Emerge.

I’ve been waiting for details like this, and I think I’m pretty happy about what I hear.  Since I first heard about KeyChest, I’ve been concerned about it being just another DRM solution (DRM being technology that allows consumers to only use content they purchase a certain way and on a certain number of machines). Continue reading “More Details on KeyChest Emerge.”

Read My Articles in Celebrations Magazine!

I’ve got an announcement to make!  I’m very excited to let you all know that I will have a couple articles in the ninth issue of Celebrations Magazine!  You can read about the magic of Audio-Animatronics and 3D in Disney Parks this February.  Plus, there are other great articles and features, so order your copyContinue reading “Read My Articles in Celebrations Magazine!”