Spaceship Earth Reimigining Starts This May

Besides being the ever-recognizable icon of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park, Spaceship Earth is also a wonderful tribute to our shared human journey and the technology of communication. As EPCOT journeys closer to its omega-overhaul, Spaceship Earth will be closing soon to begin its restoration. Today, we got some new concept art of whatContinue reading “Spaceship Earth Reimigining Starts This May”

WDW Moms Panel Hosts Facebook Event This Wednesday!

Those social moms are at it again.  This Wednesday, June 22, the moms are hosting a live event on Facebook.  They’ll discuss the differences between value, moderate, and deluxe hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort and how to pick the perfect place for your situation.  Interested?  Me too.  Click here to go the eventContinue reading “WDW Moms Panel Hosts Facebook Event This Wednesday!”

Photos of Disney Aulani Resort

Mike of TimeStream Software (the people responsible for the Disney Notescasts for the iPod and iPhone) sent me these pictures a few weeks ago.  I thought you would enjoy taking a look.  This first picture (above) was taken around sunset, and you get to see some of the construction happening.  The picture below shows theContinue reading “Photos of Disney Aulani Resort”

First Video of TRON Monorail at Walt Disney World.

Straight from the Orlando Attractions Magazine YouTube channel, we have the first video of the TRON Legacy monorail at Walt Disney World!  I think this looks absolutely amazing – the colors are sharp and it just seems right at home in Epcot.  Take a look at the video and see for yourself! Also, check outContinue reading “First Video of TRON Monorail at Walt Disney World.”

Walt Disney World Monorail Gets the TRON Treatment.

I heard this rumor a little bit ago, but it’s official now.  The monorails at Walt Disney World are about to become light cycles!  In an effort to market Disney’s TRON: Legacy, you’ll start seeing this branded version of the monorail on the Epcot line as early as this month.  The monorails will have aContinue reading “Walt Disney World Monorail Gets the TRON Treatment.”

My Thoughts on Mobile Magic

When Mobile Magic first came out, I wasn’t able to review it because it wasn’t available on the model of phone I have.  Since then, it’s been talked about and reviewed by a number of other great sources, and chances are that you’ve read one by now.  So, I decided not to do a fullContinue reading “My Thoughts on Mobile Magic”

Florida’s High-Speed Rail: Collected Thoughts and Stories

While the thought of a high-speed rail connecting Tampa and Orlando International Airport isn’t new, the news that it’s actually on its way is pretty new.  Just a few days ago, we learned that the Obama administration announced that it plans to give $1.25 billion for the project.  This isn’t as much as was originallyContinue reading “Florida’s High-Speed Rail: Collected Thoughts and Stories”

Changes at Epcot’s Innoventions.

The Daily Disney reported today that changes are afoot at Innoventions in Epcot.  The biggest change is the addition of “SmarterPlanet” – an exhibit presented by IBM.  Some of these exhibits have been there for a while, but Mickey Mouse’s appearance at today’s opening ceremony made everything official. The other change is the news thatContinue reading “Changes at Epcot’s Innoventions.”

Disney Parks’ “A Model Day at Epcot” Tilt-Shift Video.

Remember the Disney Parks tilt-shift video featuring the Magic Kingdom?  Well, the Disney Parks Blog posted a brand new video today!  The subject this time?  A perfect day at Epcot. I really love these tilt-shift videos.  The filming technique makes them so fun to watch – it’s like seeing my favorite parts of Epcot inContinue reading “Disney Parks’ “A Model Day at Epcot” Tilt-Shift Video.”

Take a Look Inside Mr. Lincoln.

The Orange County Register posted a story today about Mr. Lincoln’s return to Disneyland.  It looks like the attraction will re-open soon, possibly as early as December 18.  As we saw in a video from the Disney Parks Blog, the original human Audio-Animatronic will receive some technical updates, and the show will get some tweaksContinue reading “Take a Look Inside Mr. Lincoln.”