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WDW Moms Panel Hosts Facebook Event This Wednesday!

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Those social moms are at it again.  This Wednesday, June 22, the moms are hosting a live event on Facebook.  They’ll discuss the differences between value, moderate, and deluxe hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort and how to pick the perfect place for your situation.  Interested?  Me too.  Click here to go the event page on Facebook!

See you there!


Photos of Disney Aulani Resort

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Aulani - Beach Sunset VI

Mike of TimeStream Software (the people responsible for the Disney Notescasts for the iPod and iPhone) sent me these pictures a few weeks ago.  I thought you would enjoy taking a look.  This first picture (above) was taken around sunset, and you get to see some of the construction happening.  The picture below shows the east side of the resort.

Aulani - East Side I Mike also sent me over some facts about the resort that he found in a recent press release.  Here you go:

It will have 359 hotel rooms, 481 time-share units, restaurants, a convention center, a 15,000 square-foot spa and a massive water play area overlooking the lagoon, which will feature a volcano tube slide and snorkel lagoon.  It’s located on 21 acres on Oahu’s Leeward coast in the Ko Olina development, located about 1/2 hour from Honolulu.  It’s currently scheduled to open August 29, 2010, with hotel reservations to begin next month.

Mike also notes that time share sales started three weeks ago (I got the email on July 29, so I guess that means sales started six weeks ago).  He also mentioned that he saw Disney reps on the beach side of the construction site answering questions for any curious passerby.

Thanks to Mike from TimeStream Software for the pictures!

Betamouse – "Living Character Initiative."

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betamouse This week’s episode of Betamouse covers one of my favorite topics in Disney technology: the Living Character Initiative.  On the heels of Disney’s "playtest" with the talking Mickey Mouse character that appeared in Disneyland, the panel discusses the pros and cons of this video, as well as some other topics concerning the LCI. 

Personally, I loved the video (I’ve embedded it below).  I hope this technology gets perfected soon so we can see this a little more regularly, and possibly have it become an everyday attraction.  Listen to this episode of Betamouse to hear what the panel has to say!

To hear the episode, click here to jump to the Betamouse web site. You can also download the show in iTunes. 

Oh, and if anyone in the Betamouse panel is reading, how about a show on the Facebook privacy debacle that’s brewed over the last few weeks?  A lot of the Disney community congregates on Facebook, so this could have some implications on the community.  Just a thought…

First Video of TRON Monorail at Walt Disney World.

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Straight from the Orlando Attractions Magazine YouTube channel, we have the first video of the TRON Legacy monorail at Walt Disney World!  I think this looks absolutely amazing – the colors are sharp and it just seems right at home in Epcot.  Take a look at the video and see for yourself!

Also, check out this image from the Disney Parks Blog.


Walt Disney World Monorail Gets the TRON Treatment.

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I heard this rumor a little bit ago, but it’s official now.  The monorails at Walt Disney World are about to become light cycles!  In an effort to market Disney’s TRON: Legacy, you’ll start seeing this branded version of the monorail on the Epcot line as early as this month.  The monorails will have a light cycle towards the front of the monorail while the rest of the monorail will have the wall of light. 

I know some probably won’t like this, but I think it looks really cool.  I’m tempted to get down there just to see the light cycles running around!  Oh, and be prepared for more elements of TRON to make it into the parks.  In the post announcing the TRON monorail, Thomas Smith of the Disney Parks Blog hinted at more updates to come before the movie hits theaters on December 17.  I’m not sure why updates on the movie would come through the Disney Parks Blog unless the updates have something to do with TRON in the parks.  I know I’m excited!

To read the post on the Disney Parks Blog, click here.

For more on TRON: Legacy (and to view the trailers for the movie and video game), click here.

Review: 2010 Walt Disney World Notescast for iPod classic and nano (Updated).

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WDW Notescast - 2 Full iPods - Main Menus & Title

Not long ago, TimeStream Software updated their iPhone and iPod Touch Walt Disney World Guide Notescast for the 2010 season.  You may remember, though, that they also sell a WDW Notescast for the iPod classic and iPod nano as well.  Recently, this version of the Notescast also got an update.  The Notescast is available for download at for only $1.99.  It’s a great price, but how does it stack up?  Click below to find out!

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My Thoughts on Mobile Magic

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When Mobile Magic first came out, I wasn’t able to review it because it wasn’t available on the model of phone I have.  Since then, it’s been talked about and reviewed by a number of other great sources, and chances are that you’ve read one by now.  So, I decided not to do a full review.  But I do want to talk about it, so I’m going to quickly cover some of its advantages and disadvantages.  Click below for more!

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