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Disney And Hulu Talk New Deal For Streaming.

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Before you get too excited, I should tell you this seems to be more of a business deal.  The good news is that Disney content will continue to appear on Hulu, but it also sounds like the number of ads displayed during shows will increase as well.  I should also tell you, however, that this isn’t being done solely for ad revenue.  In fact, it seems this will be a catalyst to new ownership for Hulu.  The current owners of the popular content streaming site (that includes Disney itself) have decided to sell, and this deal will add value to the site for any prospective buyer.  This ensures that Disney content will be available and ad revenue will be there.  Fox has also agreed to a similar deal recently, and it appears that NBCUniversal is next on the slate. 

Click here to read the story as it appeared on Engadget yesterday evening.


Betamouse – "Starting Your Disney Blog."

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This week’s episode of Betamouse is somewhat meta for me.  I’ve been through the first days and weeks of a blog, and I wish this episode would have been here a year ago!  If you’re thinking about starting up a Disney blog (or any blog, for that matter) give this episode a go.  The panel discusses everything from finding your passion and choosing a blogging platform (DisTECH is on WordPress, an excellent platform) to overcoming the first post jitters.

Head on over to the Betamouse site to listen to the episode.  You can also download and subscribe to the show in iTunes.

Oh, and congratulations to the Touring Plans crew for an awesome new site design.  Touring Plans sponsors the Betamouse podcast, so be sure to give some love to the sponsors!  Visit the site at!

Betamouse – "The Lou Mongello Show."

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So, one week the Betamouse team overloads the server, and the next week they score Lou Mongello as their guest.  Betamouse is out of control!

This week’s episode is probably my favorite so far.  Tune in to hear how Lou Mongello does everything he does.  Lou runs an incredible operation over at WDW Radio and Celebrations Magazine (among countless other projects), and it’s amazing to hear what he uses in terms of technology.  It’s a great interview by a great panel with a great guest.  Give it a listen!

As always, download the show in iTunes, or head over to

For more on Lou and all of his projects, visit and!

Betamouse – "All About Twitter."

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I didn’t get to post a Betamouse update last week (sorry Betamouse hosts!), but we’re back this week with episode #12. 

This episode is all about…Twitter.  Just like the name implies.  Listen to find out what clients the hosts use, what they think of official Disney Twitter accounts, and how they use Twitter personally.  If you’re new to the whole Twitter thing, this is a great episode for some pointers.

As always check out to listen to the show, or download it in iTunes.  Congrats to the team for outgrowing their server!  It’s a great sign the word is getting out!

Betamouse – "The Disney Blogosphere."

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betamouse The newest episode of Betamouse is ready for your listening pleasure!  This episode is all about the community of Disney blogs out there.  Find out the panelists’ favorite blogs, favorite blog layouts, and get some tips on what they think makes a good blog.  Also, you’ll hear about RSS readers, such as Google Reader.  And don’t miss out on Henry’s rants!

To listen or comment on the episode, head over to the Betamouse site.  You can also download the show in iTunes (even though you’ll have to wait until Saturday if you want to listen on your shiny new iPad).

Betamouse – "Disney Meetup Tech."

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One of the great things about being a member of the Disney community is being able to take advantage of meet ups with other fans.  Often, these take place at various locations throughout the parks, but they can happen anywhere, really.  How do you spread the word about a meet up, though?  Not everyone can make it to every meet up, so is it possible to reach those who can’t attend?  What can we use to do that?  This week’s Betamouse episode covers all of those topics as the panel discusses how technology has affected meet ups within the Disney fan community.

To listen to this week’s episode, subscribe to the show in iTunes.  You can also click here to head over to the Betamouse site and listen there!

Betamouse – "Location Services at Disney Parks"

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Have you heard about location-based services like Foursquare or Gowalla?  Are you using any of them?  This week’s episode of Betamouse is all about using services like these in Disney Parks. Find out what services the panel members use, how they use them, the differences between certain apps, and more!  They even discuss some of the privacy concerns that go along with using something like this.

What are you waiting for?  Jump on over and listen to the podcast, or subscribe and download the show in iTunes!