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Betamouse – “Disney with Laptops”

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I found this podcast a little over a week ago, and I figured it needs to have a place on DisTECH.  Betamouse is truly a podcast for Disney geeks who are interested in technology.  What I’m going to do is post a quick update with every new episode and let you know what that episode is about.  You’ll have to listen to the show to get all the details, though.  This isn’t my version of CliffsNotes!

This is Betamouse’s sixth episode.  The panel (made up of Henry Work, Jeff Chaney, Nate Parrish, Scott Barrett, and Katie Siloac) is discussing traveling to Disney with laptops.  They have tips for traveling with your laptop (including discussion on laptop bags and hotel security), and find out if any members of the panel have carried a laptop into the parks.  Personally, I’ve never even entertained that thought!

Click here to check out this episode of Betamouse!  You can also download the show in iTunes.


The World of Cars Online Open Beta.

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Cars beta

Disney’s next entry in the world of online community games is here – at least in Beta mode.  The World of Cars is ready to take new motorists to Radiator Springs if you’re willing to help them along a little.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a Beta is a pre-release version of a program that basically lets you test the road a little.  Be prepared for some potholes, though, because while a Beta may be somewhat far along in development, it’s not finished yet.  Your job is to help Disney identify potential issues with the program.  In fact, at the top of the screen you should see a “Report a Bug” button.  If you have any problems, report them by using that button.  The more you help them now, the more stable the game will be when it’s officially released.

That said, though, Route 66 through Radiator Springs is basically open.  You can create your own car, and as MMO games go, you’ll be able to get add-ons and special items as you play.  So, why not get a little head start and join the Beta?  Click here to give it a whirl!

Sorry for all of the bad jokes, by the way.  It was hard to resist.

Thomas Smith and Disney Moms on WDW Radio.

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WDW Radio logo.

This week’s WDW Radio Show was like a mini social media extravaganza, and I thought it should be mentioned on a blog about technology.  Host Lou Mongello started the show by talking to a panel of Disney Moms about the recent Summer Nightastic! announcement.  These moms are all great presences in the social media world, and you’ll find links to all of their blogs in the show notes.

Lou also interviewed Thomas Smith, Social Media Director for Disney Parks.  Smith can be found on the Disney Parks Blog and other social media venues.  He had a lot of great things to say about the blog and the Disney community in general, so I recommend giving the show a listen if you haven’t already.

You can listen to the show online or download it from iTunes.  Click here to listen and read the show notes, where you’ll find links to Disney’s official Social Media sites and links to the blogs of the Disney Moms. 

Will Disney Be a Factor in Apple’s Big Event?

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Apple invitation to its media event on January 27th.

If you listen for news about the tech industry in even the slightest way, you have to be following the tech news of another planet to have not heard about Apple’s oft-rumored tablet device.  This gadget has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and even mainstream media for some time now, and they hype only grew when Apple started handing out invitations last week to a press event showcasing their “latest creation.”  We know that Disney and Apple have a pretty close relationship, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs serving on Disney’s Board of Directors.  So how might Disney be a part of Apple’s supposed unveiling this Wednesday?  You’ll have to click below to read my thoughts!

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Disney Pulling Instant Watch Movies on Netflix?

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It sounds like Disney is working on renegotiating a deal they have with Starz, and this could mean that you won’t be seeing Disney movies in the Starz Play section of your Netflix streaming option.  Basically what happens is that studios don’t get any money when you view a movie on Netflix through Starz.  What may happen is that Disney could strike a deal with Netflix directly and find some type of solution without Starz involved.  We’ll have to wait it out and see what happens.

In the meantime, here’s the story on Engadget.  Enjoy!

It’s Here! DizTech #4 is at

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Head on over to to read my fourth column there! This one is about Disney’s involvement with 3D technology in the parks, the theaters, and (pretty soon) in your own home.  Head on over to take a gander!

More Details on KeyChest Emerge.

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I’ve been waiting for details like this, and I think I’m pretty happy about what I hear.  Since I first heard about KeyChest, I’ve been concerned about it being just another DRM solution (DRM being technology that allows consumers to only use content they purchase a certain way and on a certain number of machines).  As it turns out, KeyChest isn’t another form of DRM.  For more details, click here to jump over to Engadget to read their thoughts on KeyChest. I’ll just sum it up by saying that KeyChest sounds like a way to access content you buy across other services that already have their own form of DRM.

I’m also very glad to hear that Disney does not expect this to turn a profit, either.  They obviously don’t want it to run at a loss, but at least this doesn’t sound like it’s driven by dollar signs.

Any thoughts on KeyChest now that we’re hearing a little more about it?  Leave a comment below!  You can also head over to the Facebook page or Twitter page and discuss it there!