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Disney’s El Capitan App For Android Brings Interactivity To Theater-Goers.

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el capitan app

So this is intriguing. I found an app today in the Android Market for Disney’s El Capitan theater in Hollywood.  Right now the app is decked out in its best Pirate garrrrrb (sorry for the pun).  On June 24th, however, the app gets its racing stripes for Cars 2.

What does the app do?  It basically gives you extra content once you check in to the theater, very similarly to how you can check in at Disney Parks locations with Gowalla.  The main menu of the app (shown below) has five options: Check in to the El Cap, Free Gift, Bonus Material, Special Offer, and Rate Movie.  As for the free gift, some of the reviewers in the market are claiming they received a free pin set from the app.  They are also claiming the Special Offer gives you a discount on the Blu-Ray when it comes out.


The other thing that’s interesting about this app is that the splash screen that displays while the app is loading says it was developed not only by Disney Mobile, but Disney Research as well.  I hope the research proves that this is good marketing, because I’d love to see Disney pursue more of this type of interactivity.  I’m all for it.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments, or post your thoughts on Facebook!

Click here to visit the official site of the El Capitan Theater.

Click here for more information on Disney’s El Capitan App.


Engadget’s Review of TRON Legacy Ultimate Experience Pack.

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Just a quick update to let you know that Engadget recently reviewed the ultimate geek pack.  Head on over to check out their thoughts on the package as a whole, including the interesting Second Screen app/extra feature.  (By the way, I’ll be reviewing the TRON Second Screen feature soon, so keep an eye out for that.)

Here’s the link to the Engadget article.

Take a DVD Trip to Disney Parks

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Way back when, I wrote a post announcing a new DVD set that takes you on a behind the scenes journey through Disney Parks.  I was bound and determined to write a review of that set, but we all know that I’ve been – well, less than regular with the blog lately.  Like I said this week, though, I’m back to normal writing now.  This review is one of the first things I want to get out to you guys.  This DVD set is worth a peek, and I’m really excited to finally get my thoughts down on "paper." 

If you’re ready to find out more about Disney Parks, click below to jump to the review!

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Go Behind the Scenes at Disney Parks – From Your Own Home!

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If you enjoy reading this blog, chances are you enjoy knowing what goes on behind the curtains at Disney Parks.  If that’s true, I’m sure you’d like to venture behind the scenes of your favorite attractions to see what goes on that makes your vacations so memorable.

Enter "Disney Parks."  This video set, by Lightship Entertainment and distributed by Questar Entertainment, gives you special access to Disney’s top attractions, and shows you all of the Imagineering that goes into those attractions.

"Disney Parks" comes in a 6-DVD set, Blu-ray combo pack (with DVD and digital copies), or a single DVD of highlights – and they come in a very nice foil-embossed slip case.  Any option you choose will take you on a detailed tour of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and the Disney Cruse line.  Here’s an idea of what you’ll get with each set:

The “Disney Parks” DVD 6-Pack (SRP $49.99, Program Length 5.5 hours) includes:

  • Walt Disney World: Behind the Scenes—An exclusive look at the park that made Orlando the nation’s number one vacation destination.
  • Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes— A journey through the incredible attractions and entertainment experiences at the original Disneyland Resort.
  • Ultimate Walt Disney World—A close look at the exciting thrill rides that make Disney parks so exciting.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom—A tour of Disney’s largest and most ambitious theme park to date!
  • Disney Cruise Line—Exclusive access to Disney’s cruise ships and its private island, Castaway Cay.
  • Undiscovered Disney Parks—A unique guide to Disney sites “off the beaten path” including properties and locations in Anaheim frequented by Walt Disney himself.

The “Disney Parks” Blu-ray Combo Pack, which gives you DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital copies of the program (SRP $34.99, Program Length 2.5 hours) includes:

  • Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes
  • Ultimate Walt Disney World
  • Undiscovered Disney Parks

Finally, the “Disney Parks” Single DVD (SRP $19.99) contains:

  • Walt Disney World: Behind the Scenes
  • Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes

I think this list shows just how in-depth these sets are.  “Disney granted us unprecedented access into their theme parks, resorts, and attractions which has allowed us to present over five hours of programming that reveals incredible information and imagery,” said Andy Perrott, President and Executive Producer of Lightship Entertainment.  “Working closely with Disney Parks, we proudly present over five hours of the most definitive collection of insiders information and imagery on Disney’s theme parks, resorts, and attractions.”

"Disney Parks" will be available June 1, 2010.  Stay tuned to DisTECH for more!

About Questar: Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2010, Questar Entertainment is one of the industry’s leading large content holders of quality Travel, Nature, and Inspirational programming for television, home entertainment, education, web and digital, with over 3,500 titles in its library.  Questar has won five awards from The American Film Institute, and has been honored by Billboard Magazine and at The Covenant Awards. Questar’s “Rome: Power & Glory” was named Best Educational Documentary at The DVD 2000 Entertainment Awards, while “Bobby Darin: Mack Is Back” received a Certificate of Excellence as Best Music DVD. Questar products are distributed through Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Netflix, iTunes, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Columbia House, and Reader’s Digest.  Questar has produced more than 100 original programs for PBS, The Discovery Channel, TLC, The Travel Channel, The History Channel (A&E Networks), and PAX-TV Network. In 2010, Questar was selected to join YouTube’s beta rental program providing full-length premium content to users.  Questar maintains offices in Chicago and Burbank.   For more information, visit

Profiles in Tech: Kevin Flynn.

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Welcome to the second installment of Profiles in Tech!  This is where we meet a character in the Disney universe that is "techy" by nature.  With all of the hype surrounding this particular movie lately, I figured it’s a great time to talk about hacker extraordinaire and video game designer Kevin Flynn.

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Disney HD Movies Come to the PlayStation Network.

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PlayStation 3

Sony had a nice little treat for PS3 owners today.  They announced that they have signed all six major movie studios to deliver content on its PlayStation Network.  That means you’ll have access to 19 movies from Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.  That initial number of movies will grow as this matures, obviously.  The movies will be available to rent or buy.  Sony’s Peter Dille said that the PlayStation Network is the “first and only service to deliver high definition home entertainment from all six major studios.”

Disney’s first offerings include Up, G-Force, and Earth.  It looks like they’re up and ready for consumption, so get going!  Pricing looks pretty standard: $5.99 to rent and $19.99 to own.

To read more about the announcement, check out the press release here.

Profiles in Tech: Maurice

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Tonight, I’m launching a new series of article on DisTECH!  I’m going to profile some of those characters in Disney’s history that are just a little bit geeky, but they are techies through and through.  They may be main characters, or they may be those supporting characters that we don’t see as much.  If you’re ready to kick off this series on Disney’s tech characters, click below!

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