Tiger Bringing Back 90s Handhelds

I’m a child of the 80s and 90s. So naturally I love when I see that some toy or piece of electronics is being brought back for a nostalgia tour now that I’m in my thirties. Nintendo had my full attention with their classic mini consoles that launched a few years ago, which of courseContinue reading “Tiger Bringing Back 90s Handhelds”

E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond

Last week was perhaps the year’s most popular gaming convention.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) is where the gaming industry shows off its newest and greatest, from new games to brand new consoles.  This past year was no different. Here, I’ll wrap up the Disney news that came out of E3 (there wasContinue reading “E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond”

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Interview With Jonathan Smith of TT Games!

As a kid, I vividly remember spending hours building things with LEGOs.  I had a blast using my imagination to create all kinds of structures and even characters.  With today’s video game technology, LEGO has been able to carry that same imagination over to a number of LEGO themed video games.  Their most current titleContinue reading “LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Interview With Jonathan Smith of TT Games!”

Dying for More "Epic Mickey" Details? The Wait’s Almost Over!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Epic Mickey, hasn’t it?  Well, the good news is that the silence is almost over.  The bad news?  You still have a little over a week to wait. This year’s E3 show (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles is set to kick off June 15Continue reading “Dying for More "Epic Mickey" Details? The Wait’s Almost Over!”

Disney on the iPad: Day One.

Well, it’s here!  This is the day many of you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for.  I’ll start this post off by making one thing clear: I don’t have an iPad…yet.  But it is making some big waves in the technology world, and Disney is riding those waves.  What Disney-related apps areContinue reading “Disney on the iPad: Day One.”

Disney Classic Console: Game & Watch

At this point, I’ve written about a number of Disney video games on a few different gaming consoles.  But Mickey got his start in gaming years before any of the games I’ve mentioned so far.  The relationship between Mickey Mouse and Nintendo actually goes back to 1981 (a few years before the original Nintendo EntertainmentContinue reading “Disney Classic Console: Game & Watch”

Disney Classic Console: Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour.

Welcome to the latest installment of the Disney Classic Console!  As you may know, this is where we take a walk to the video game cabinet and see what classic Disney video games we can find.  This latest entry is the newest one I’ve talked about so far, but it’s still a classic.  Join meContinue reading “Disney Classic Console: Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour.”

The World of Cars Online Open Beta.

Disney’s next entry in the world of online community games is here – at least in Beta mode.  The World of Cars is ready to take new motorists to Radiator Springs if you’re willing to help them along a little. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Beta is a pre-release version of aContinue reading “The World of Cars Online Open Beta.”