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Can’t get enough Disney stuff?  Me either.  Here’s how I fill my spare time: – If you want to learn more about the history of the parks, you need to head over to this site.  This is true vintage Disney! – Visit the web site for All About the Mouse!  Although this podcast is now retired, it’s great to go back through their archives and listen to old shows. – For all things Walt Disney World and beyond, visit this great site.  You’ll also find blogs, ratings and reviews for all sorts of Disney accommodations, and other great bits of information. – If you’re looking for a Disney podcast that’s all about tech, this is the place.  Join the “crack team of Disney geeks” for this weekly show. – The official site.  See what’s coming in the movies, in music, in the parks, on television, and everything else in the Wonderful World of Disney. – Chuck Lionberger has a great blog with tips and thoughts for everything WDW.  He also writes about the company in general, so I know you can find something that interests you there. – This Disney fan blog is kind of the mega-blog for Disney news and information.  The Disney Blog is great for keeping yourself up to date with Disney news. – The official site of the original park.  Learn about and plan your trip to the Disneyland Resort! – The official site.  What better way to reminisce about the parks than visit them on the web?  While you’re there, plan your next visit! – Have a unique and extensive Disney collection?  Want to see what others collect?  This is the site to find all kinds of Disney collectibles! – A true Disney site from a true Disney fanatic.  Read some news, watch some videos, and have lots of fun. – If you’re serious about buying DVC or just like wishing some time away, DVC By Resale is a great way to go! – Visit Tim Foster’s for a plethora of information about the parks, including touring tips, history, little known facts, and much more.  Also check out his selection of books and journals for titles that are both adult- and kid-friendly. – Steve Barrett’s guide to one of the most entertaining and interactive aspects of WDW: Hidden Mickeys.  Go see his catalog of confirmed Hidden Mickeys, vote on questionable ones, or submit your own! – Are you a true Disney nerd?  Then you have to head over to!  There’s all kinds of good stuff here to explore (I guess that confirms that I’m a nerd). – Get your fix on!  This is a really good site that has lots of information about the parks. – MousePlanet is a great resource for everything Disney.  Plan your trip with the Park Guides, follow movies and TV, and listen to MouseStation – their twice-a-week podcast! – Just can’t get enough of Disney Parks music?  I know I can’t.  Mouse World Radio has just about any song you can think of. – The blue alien has taken over – and he’s delivering you Disney news on his blog! – Your stop for tons of information about Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  You’ll find lots of history, information about attractions, and even downloads! – Ever thought about relocating to be nearer to a Disney Resort?  Follow these bloggers as they embark on that adventure! – THE site to help you make the most of your Disney vacation.  Learn how to save up to 4 hours per day in line at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  Also, this is the home of The Unofficial Guide (ding!) and the Lines app. – Jonathan Dichter’s blog about all things Disney.  If you’re especially interested in the marathons, this is a great blog to read.

Walt Disney Animation – There’s a ton of info and blog posts about Disney entertainment on this site.  Head on over and browse for a while! – This is a great site with lots of WDW media to keep you occupied.  Check out their photos, videos, simulated web cam of the Magic Kingdom, and (my personal favorite) streaming radio station featuring music from the parks! – The site for one of the best WDW podcasts around.  Check out some great media, an awesome forum, and a cool online store! – WDW Today is your source for Walt Disney World news, information, and so much more.  Listen to the podcast three times a week and catch their live show once a month!

Have another Disney site that you want to share?  Contact me and let me know!  I’ll be happy to post it here.


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