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New “Walt Disney World Pro” Details Released!

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It’s Coming IV…

Today, I’ve got some more information to share with you on Walt Disney World Pro, the new App coming from TimeStream Software.  Here’s the info straight from the source:

In addition to highly-detailed (and fun) Maps, Wait Times, WDW Restaurants, Attractions, Park Hours, Events and more, TimeStream Software’s new “Walt Disney World Pro” app includes in-depth descriptions, room information, resort amenities lists and large photos for 18 different “on-property” resorts at Walt Disney World.  All self-contained, guests can now review resort choices and plan their trips wherever they are, as no Wi-Fi or Internet connections are needed.  And because already it’s formatted for the device, there’s no frustrating pinching, zooming, scrolling or tiny fonts found with reviewing online hotel web sites.

This section of the app will feature tabs that allow you to switch between the “Description”, “Rooms”, and “Amenities” sections for each hotel.  According to TimeStream Software, this is the only Walt Disney World related app that allows you to do this.

That’s all for now, but keep your browsers pointed to DisTECH for more updates!


WDW Moms Panel Hosts Facebook Event This Wednesday!

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Those social moms are at it again.  This Wednesday, June 22, the moms are hosting a live event on Facebook.  They’ll discuss the differences between value, moderate, and deluxe hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort and how to pick the perfect place for your situation.  Interested?  Me too.  Click here to go the event page on Facebook!

See you there!

E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond

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Last week was perhaps the year’s most popular gaming convention.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) is where the gaming industry shows off its newest and greatest, from new games to brand new consoles.  This past year was no different.

Here, I’ll wrap up the Disney news that came out of E3 (there was some pretty interesting items).  I’ll also talk about some of the new consoles that were unveiled, as they also offer some unique opportunities for Disney Interactive.  The wrap-up starts after the jump, so click below to get started!

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New Details On Features Found In “Walt Disney World Pro” App.

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It’s Coming III…

The last bit of new info we had on Walt Disney World Pro from TimeStream Software was that the new app will feature an astounding 600+ photos.  Today, I’ve learned some of the features the app will tout.  It will include detailed maps, wait times, park hours, and information on dining and attractions, along with tips for vacation planning and touring.  The image above shows more of the information you’ll find in Walt Disney World Pro.

This looks like it could be a killer app!  Stay tuned for more as it comes!

More Details On “Walt Disney World Pro” from TimeStream Software!

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It’s Coming II…

This just in!  I received a new teaser image for “Walt Disney World Pro” today, along with a few new details.  Apparently the app will feature over 600 original photos taken by the TimeStream Software staff.  Most of these photos will be original to this new app, and there will be multiple large photos per attraction. 

Judging by the images above, “Walt Disney World Pro” looks pretty comprehensive.  There are even images from holiday parties, including the Boo-to-You Parade from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  The Dream Lights are also included. 

I’ll have more info as it becomes available.  Stay tuned!

First Look at “Walt Disney World Pro” App From TimeStream Software!

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Walt Disney World Pro - 3 iPhones - Maps

TimeStream Software, the same company responsible for a great lineup of Notescasts, has released an image of a new iPhone app in the works.  Dubbed Walt Disney World Pro, the app will be a new comprehensive guide to Walt Disney World complete with the “most detailed 2D maps of Walt Disney World Resort available on any device.”  The image above shows you what to expect from the maps.

It certainly sounds intriguing, so stay tuned for more information and images.  I’ll have more for you soon!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Interview With Jonathan Smith of TT Games!

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As a kid, I vividly remember spending hours building things with LEGOs.  I had a blast using my imagination to create all kinds of structures and even characters.  With today’s video game technology, LEGO has been able to carry that same imagination over to a number of LEGO themed video games.  Their most current title takes players on an adventure with Jack Sparrow and other characters across all four Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Jonathan Smith, Head of Production at TT Games.  Hit up the link below to check it out!

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