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Review: “Walt Disney World Pro” From TimeStream Software.

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Walt Disney World Pro - Main Menu

You may have noticed that a new app from TimeStream Software has hit the iTunes App Store – you may have even read the news here on DisTECH.  It’s now time to take a closer look at Walt Disney World Pro.  How does it do as a planning/tour guide?  How does it stack up against the competition?  Are the wait times accurate?  We’ll take a look at all of that and a little more right after the break!

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Disney’s El Capitan App For Android Brings Interactivity To Theater-Goers.

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el capitan app

So this is intriguing. I found an app today in the Android Market for Disney’s El Capitan theater in Hollywood.  Right now the app is decked out in its best Pirate garrrrrb (sorry for the pun).  On June 24th, however, the app gets its racing stripes for Cars 2.

What does the app do?  It basically gives you extra content once you check in to the theater, very similarly to how you can check in at Disney Parks locations with Gowalla.  The main menu of the app (shown below) has five options: Check in to the El Cap, Free Gift, Bonus Material, Special Offer, and Rate Movie.  As for the free gift, some of the reviewers in the market are claiming they received a free pin set from the app.  They are also claiming the Special Offer gives you a discount on the Blu-Ray when it comes out.


The other thing that’s interesting about this app is that the splash screen that displays while the app is loading says it was developed not only by Disney Mobile, but Disney Research as well.  I hope the research proves that this is good marketing, because I’d love to see Disney pursue more of this type of interactivity.  I’m all for it.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments, or post your thoughts on Facebook!

Click here to visit the official site of the El Capitan Theater.

Click here for more information on Disney’s El Capitan App.

“Walt Disney World Pro” Is Almost Here!

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It’s Coming V…

I just got word today that Walt Disney World Pro is getting even closer to an official release.  Hopefully, we’ll get some up close and personal time with it soon.  To help satisfy that thirst for now, I also have some new details on the app.  Here’s the official release:

The exciting new “Walt Disney World Pro” lights up the iPhone with highly detailed Maps, full Attraction descriptions, Park Hours, daily Parade & Event times, WDW Dining information, WDW Resorts details, over 600 colorful photos and so much more.  Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Wait Times, and the new “Walt Disney World Pro” offers park goers accurate Wait Times displayed in multiple locations throughout the app…a convenient wait times summary by park, atop the page of each attraction screen and throughout each detailed map.
Get ready…it’s almost here!

The Wait Times are built on a “powerful database featuring the empirical wait times data of countless park visits, wait times tracking, park visitation levels cross-referencing and more,” ensuring that they will be accurate. 

Walt Disney World Pro sounds like it will be a powerful app.  I’m certainly excited to get my hands on it and give it a whirl.  As always, keep watching DisTECH for more updates!

New Details On Features Found In “Walt Disney World Pro” App.

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It’s Coming III…

The last bit of new info we had on Walt Disney World Pro from TimeStream Software was that the new app will feature an astounding 600+ photos.  Today, I’ve learned some of the features the app will tout.  It will include detailed maps, wait times, park hours, and information on dining and attractions, along with tips for vacation planning and touring.  The image above shows more of the information you’ll find in Walt Disney World Pro.

This looks like it could be a killer app!  Stay tuned for more as it comes!

First Look at “Walt Disney World Pro” App From TimeStream Software!

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Walt Disney World Pro - 3 iPhones - Maps

TimeStream Software, the same company responsible for a great lineup of Notescasts, has released an image of a new iPhone app in the works.  Dubbed Walt Disney World Pro, the app will be a new comprehensive guide to Walt Disney World complete with the “most detailed 2D maps of Walt Disney World Resort available on any device.”  The image above shows you what to expect from the maps.

It certainly sounds intriguing, so stay tuned for more information and images.  I’ll have more for you soon!