DizTech #5 Shows You the Ins and Outs of Animatronics.

The latest installment of DizTech is up and ready for consumption!  This month’s feature takes you on a tour of Audio-Animatronics: their history, current state, and future aspirations.  Click here to jump on over and take a look!  Also, make sure to check out the other fantastic parts of DizFanatic.com.  Enjoy!

Take a Look Inside Mr. Lincoln.

The Orange County Register posted a story today about Mr. Lincoln’s return to Disneyland.  It looks like the attraction will re-open soon, possibly as early as December 18.  As we saw in a video from the Disney Parks Blog, the original human Audio-Animatronic will receive some technical updates, and the show will get some tweaksContinue reading “Take a Look Inside Mr. Lincoln.”

Disney Parks Blog Technology Update.

It’s the weekend, and that means another technology update from the Disney Parks Blog!  Here’s the wrap-up from all things technical for this week: Contemplation.  This week’s photography entry from Gene Duncan features Goofy deep in thought. And the Winner is…  Disney Parks’ Toy Story Mania! won the Themed Entertainment Association’s Award for Outstanding AchievementContinue reading “Disney Parks Blog Technology Update.”

Video of New President Lincoln Animatronic

And you thought the Captain Jack AA was realistic.  This new Audio-Animatronic rendition of the classic President Lincoln figure is about as real as you can get.  The movement of Mr. Lincolns facial “muscles” is incredibly lifelike. When Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln opened in 1965, Lincoln’s head and face had a total of sevenContinue reading “Video of New President Lincoln Animatronic”

DRU-1: The lost Audio-Animatronic

So I’m listening to the WDW Today podcast on my way to work, and they’re talking with Shawn Slater about an Audio-Animatronic dolphin that appeared at the Living Seas in Epcot for five days in 1999.  It’s hard to listen to a show like this, especially when I have to imagine what this dolphin looksContinue reading “DRU-1: The lost Audio-Animatronic”