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Betamouse #70–Drink Hacks.

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This week’s release of Betamouse continues their “Hack” series with a look at how to get the best deals on drinks in the parks.  They cover everything from water to alcoholic beverages, so you’ll get good tips no matter what you prefer for thirst-quenching.  Hit up the links below to check out the show!  And remember to use these responsibly!

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BETAMOUSE #69–Kinect Disneyland Adventures

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It’s been way, way too long since I’ve posted an update on the Betamouse podcast.  This week’s episode features a topic I covered recently: Kinect Disneyland Adventures.  For anyone who missed it, this is a game that debuted at this year’s E3 convention.  It will utilize Microsoft’s Kinect, a motion control peripheral for the Xbox 360.  The Betamouse crew goes into juicy detail on the game, so head over and listen to the show!

Click here to listen the episode!

You can also subscribe and download the show from iTunes.

Betamouse – "Disney Dining System Changes."

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Made those ADRs yet?  Don’t want to make that phone call and jump through all of the automated responses?  Disney’s new beta version of the online dining reservation system is public, and Team Betamouse is here to take a look at it!

The Betamouse panel discusses what’s new in this beta version, what’s improved, and what they think of the new system.  Jump on over to the Betamouse site to listen to the new episode, or subscribe to the show and download in iTunes!

Betamouse – "Living Character Initiative."

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betamouse This week’s episode of Betamouse covers one of my favorite topics in Disney technology: the Living Character Initiative.  On the heels of Disney’s "playtest" with the talking Mickey Mouse character that appeared in Disneyland, the panel discusses the pros and cons of this video, as well as some other topics concerning the LCI. 

Personally, I loved the video (I’ve embedded it below).  I hope this technology gets perfected soon so we can see this a little more regularly, and possibly have it become an everyday attraction.  Listen to this episode of Betamouse to hear what the panel has to say!

To hear the episode, click here to jump to the Betamouse web site. You can also download the show in iTunes. 

Oh, and if anyone in the Betamouse panel is reading, how about a show on the Facebook privacy debacle that’s brewed over the last few weeks?  A lot of the Disney community congregates on Facebook, so this could have some implications on the community.  Just a thought…

Betamouse – "Starting Your Disney Blog."

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This week’s episode of Betamouse is somewhat meta for me.  I’ve been through the first days and weeks of a blog, and I wish this episode would have been here a year ago!  If you’re thinking about starting up a Disney blog (or any blog, for that matter) give this episode a go.  The panel discusses everything from finding your passion and choosing a blogging platform (DisTECH is on WordPress, an excellent platform) to overcoming the first post jitters.

Head on over to the Betamouse site to listen to the episode.  You can also download and subscribe to the show in iTunes.

Oh, and congratulations to the Touring Plans crew for an awesome new site design.  Touring Plans sponsors the Betamouse podcast, so be sure to give some love to the sponsors!  Visit the site at!

Betamouse – "The Lou Mongello Show."

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So, one week the Betamouse team overloads the server, and the next week they score Lou Mongello as their guest.  Betamouse is out of control!

This week’s episode is probably my favorite so far.  Tune in to hear how Lou Mongello does everything he does.  Lou runs an incredible operation over at WDW Radio and Celebrations Magazine (among countless other projects), and it’s amazing to hear what he uses in terms of technology.  It’s a great interview by a great panel with a great guest.  Give it a listen!

As always, download the show in iTunes, or head over to

For more on Lou and all of his projects, visit and!

Betamouse – "All About Twitter."

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I didn’t get to post a Betamouse update last week (sorry Betamouse hosts!), but we’re back this week with episode #12. 

This episode is all about…Twitter.  Just like the name implies.  Listen to find out what clients the hosts use, what they think of official Disney Twitter accounts, and how they use Twitter personally.  If you’re new to the whole Twitter thing, this is a great episode for some pointers.

As always check out to listen to the show, or download it in iTunes.  Congrats to the team for outgrowing their server!  It’s a great sign the word is getting out!