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Betamouse #70–Drink Hacks.

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This week’s release of Betamouse continues their “Hack” series with a look at how to get the best deals on drinks in the parks.  They cover everything from water to alcoholic beverages, so you’ll get good tips no matter what you prefer for thirst-quenching.  Hit up the links below to check out the show!  And remember to use these responsibly!

Visit the show page on

Download and subscribe to Betamouse in iTunes.


Betamouse – "iPad, Disney, and Other Geeky Stuff."

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betamouse The Betamouse podcast has hit double-digits today!  Episode #10 is out and ready for consumption, and they’re discussing what could be the tech product of 2010: Apple’s iPad.  Listen to this week’s episode for the panel’s thoughts on the new device, how it could be used in your Disney travels, and more!  Also, head on over to the blog to post your comments and ideas for Disney and the iPad.

As usual, you can listen directly on the Betamouse web site or download the show in iTunes.  You could even listen on your iPad now.  Just sayin’.

Betamouse – "The Disney Blogosphere."

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betamouse The newest episode of Betamouse is ready for your listening pleasure!  This episode is all about the community of Disney blogs out there.  Find out the panelists’ favorite blogs, favorite blog layouts, and get some tips on what they think makes a good blog.  Also, you’ll hear about RSS readers, such as Google Reader.  And don’t miss out on Henry’s rants!

To listen or comment on the episode, head over to the Betamouse site.  You can also download the show in iTunes (even though you’ll have to wait until Saturday if you want to listen on your shiny new iPad).

Betamouse – "Disney Meetup Tech."

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One of the great things about being a member of the Disney community is being able to take advantage of meet ups with other fans.  Often, these take place at various locations throughout the parks, but they can happen anywhere, really.  How do you spread the word about a meet up, though?  Not everyone can make it to every meet up, so is it possible to reach those who can’t attend?  What can we use to do that?  This week’s Betamouse episode covers all of those topics as the panel discusses how technology has affected meet ups within the Disney fan community.

To listen to this week’s episode, subscribe to the show in iTunes.  You can also click here to head over to the Betamouse site and listen there!

Betamouse – "Location Services at Disney Parks"

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Have you heard about location-based services like Foursquare or Gowalla?  Are you using any of them?  This week’s episode of Betamouse is all about using services like these in Disney Parks. Find out what services the panel members use, how they use them, the differences between certain apps, and more!  They even discuss some of the privacy concerns that go along with using something like this.

What are you waiting for?  Jump on over and listen to the podcast, or subscribe and download the show in iTunes! 

Betamouse – “Disney with Laptops”

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I found this podcast a little over a week ago, and I figured it needs to have a place on DisTECH.  Betamouse is truly a podcast for Disney geeks who are interested in technology.  What I’m going to do is post a quick update with every new episode and let you know what that episode is about.  You’ll have to listen to the show to get all the details, though.  This isn’t my version of CliffsNotes!

This is Betamouse’s sixth episode.  The panel (made up of Henry Work, Jeff Chaney, Nate Parrish, Scott Barrett, and Katie Siloac) is discussing traveling to Disney with laptops.  They have tips for traveling with your laptop (including discussion on laptop bags and hotel security), and find out if any members of the panel have carried a laptop into the parks.  Personally, I’ve never even entertained that thought!

Click here to check out this episode of Betamouse!  You can also download the show in iTunes.

Building a Whole New World: The Disney Online Community and Web 2.0

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Ever heard this Web 2.0 term being tossed around?  Do you know what it means?  Did you know that you’re involved in it right now?  Web 2.0 is an interesting concept that has changed the way we think about the Internet – even though the technology used to create the content hasn’t changed all that much.

Yet it has revolutionized our online communities – including this Disney Online Community that we’re a part of.  In this feature article, we’re going to take a look at our community and how Web 2.0 has made it what it is today.

Ready?  Here we go!

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