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Disney And Hulu Talk New Deal For Streaming.

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Before you get too excited, I should tell you this seems to be more of a business deal.  The good news is that Disney content will continue to appear on Hulu, but it also sounds like the number of ads displayed during shows will increase as well.  I should also tell you, however, that this isn’t being done solely for ad revenue.  In fact, it seems this will be a catalyst to new ownership for Hulu.  The current owners of the popular content streaming site (that includes Disney itself) have decided to sell, and this deal will add value to the site for any prospective buyer.  This ensures that Disney content will be available and ad revenue will be there.  Fox has also agreed to a similar deal recently, and it appears that NBCUniversal is next on the slate. 

Click here to read the story as it appeared on Engadget yesterday evening.


Will Disney Be a Factor in Apple’s Big Event?

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Apple invitation to its media event on January 27th.

If you listen for news about the tech industry in even the slightest way, you have to be following the tech news of another planet to have not heard about Apple’s oft-rumored tablet device.  This gadget has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and even mainstream media for some time now, and they hype only grew when Apple started handing out invitations last week to a press event showcasing their “latest creation.”  We know that Disney and Apple have a pretty close relationship, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs serving on Disney’s Board of Directors.  So how might Disney be a part of Apple’s supposed unveiling this Wednesday?  You’ll have to click below to read my thoughts!

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