E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond

Last week was perhaps the year’s most popular gaming convention.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) is where the gaming industry shows off its newest and greatest, from new games to brand new consoles.  This past year was no different. Here, I’ll wrap up the Disney news that came out of E3 (there wasContinue reading “E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond”

Classic Console: Mickey Mousecapade

It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these.  I’ve been really excited to write about this one, because this is another of those games I played growing up.  This trip to Disney’s Classic Console takes us through Mickey Mousecapade, an NES adventure starring Mickey and Minnie.   Join me for another classic gamingContinue reading “Classic Console: Mickey Mousecapade”

Remember When? “Adventures in the Magic Kingdom”

All of this Epic Mickey talk has me thinking about some of Disney’s other forays into gaming.  Since I’m a child of the 80s, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) particularly resonates with me.  One of my absolute favorite titles for the NES was a Disney game (produced by Capcom) titled Adventures in the MagicContinue reading “Remember When? “Adventures in the Magic Kingdom””

More details on Epic Mickey…

Here’s an update to my last post about Epic Mickey, the game starring Mickey Mouse that’s set to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.  I found this image on IGN, and it looks like we’ll be getting lots of details on October 28.  This is purely speculation, but that black ink seems to backContinue reading “More details on Epic Mickey…”

Mickey gone gritty?

I was staying away from posting this until I figured out if this was more rumor than fact, but it seems to be the real thing.  In fact, now that Game Informer magazine has revealed that this will appear in their November issue, it appears that this game is really on its way.  Here’s someContinue reading “Mickey gone gritty?”