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BETAMOUSE #69–Kinect Disneyland Adventures

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It’s been way, way too long since I’ve posted an update on the Betamouse podcast.  This week’s episode features a topic I covered recently: Kinect Disneyland Adventures.  For anyone who missed it, this is a game that debuted at this year’s E3 convention.  It will utilize Microsoft’s Kinect, a motion control peripheral for the Xbox 360.  The Betamouse crew goes into juicy detail on the game, so head over and listen to the show!

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E3 Recap–Disney and Beyond

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Last week was perhaps the year’s most popular gaming convention.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) is where the gaming industry shows off its newest and greatest, from new games to brand new consoles.  This past year was no different.

Here, I’ll wrap up the Disney news that came out of E3 (there was some pretty interesting items).  I’ll also talk about some of the new consoles that were unveiled, as they also offer some unique opportunities for Disney Interactive.  The wrap-up starts after the jump, so click below to get started!

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Dying for More "Epic Mickey" Details? The Wait’s Almost Over!

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Epic Mickey, hasn’t it?  Well, the good news is that the silence is almost over.  The bad news?  You still have a little over a week to wait.

This year’s E3 show (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles is set to kick off June 15 – a week from Tuesday if you don’t have your calendar handy.  Disney Interactive Studios is indeed scheduled to be there, so expect some heavy doses of scoops, screenshots, and videos when the show begins. 

According to IGN, the game has undergone some changes since it’s unveiling last October.  What kind of changes?  I wish I knew, but we’ll learn all about it soon enough.  Stay tuned for more info as the big day approaches!

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