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Review: “Walt Disney World Pro” From TimeStream Software.

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Walt Disney World Pro - Main Menu

You may have noticed that a new app from TimeStream Software has hit the iTunes App Store – you may have even read the news here on DisTECH.  It’s now time to take a closer look at Walt Disney World Pro.  How does it do as a planning/tour guide?  How does it stack up against the competition?  Are the wait times accurate?  We’ll take a look at all of that and a little more right after the break!

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Walt Disney World Pro App Available Now in iTunes!

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Walt Disney World Pro - iPhone 4

It’s official!  Walt Disney World Pro is now available in the Apple App Store!  The app runs $4.99, and will work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.0).  This also means that I’ll have a full review up and ready for viewing soon.  For now, check out the press release after the jump.

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“Walt Disney World Pro” Is Almost Here!

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It’s Coming V…

I just got word today that Walt Disney World Pro is getting even closer to an official release.  Hopefully, we’ll get some up close and personal time with it soon.  To help satisfy that thirst for now, I also have some new details on the app.  Here’s the official release:

The exciting new “Walt Disney World Pro” lights up the iPhone with highly detailed Maps, full Attraction descriptions, Park Hours, daily Parade & Event times, WDW Dining information, WDW Resorts details, over 600 colorful photos and so much more.  Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Wait Times, and the new “Walt Disney World Pro” offers park goers accurate Wait Times displayed in multiple locations throughout the app…a convenient wait times summary by park, atop the page of each attraction screen and throughout each detailed map.
Get ready…it’s almost here!

The Wait Times are built on a “powerful database featuring the empirical wait times data of countless park visits, wait times tracking, park visitation levels cross-referencing and more,” ensuring that they will be accurate. 

Walt Disney World Pro sounds like it will be a powerful app.  I’m certainly excited to get my hands on it and give it a whirl.  As always, keep watching DisTECH for more updates!

New “Walt Disney World Pro” Details Released!

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It’s Coming IV…

Today, I’ve got some more information to share with you on Walt Disney World Pro, the new App coming from TimeStream Software.  Here’s the info straight from the source:

In addition to highly-detailed (and fun) Maps, Wait Times, WDW Restaurants, Attractions, Park Hours, Events and more, TimeStream Software’s new “Walt Disney World Pro” app includes in-depth descriptions, room information, resort amenities lists and large photos for 18 different “on-property” resorts at Walt Disney World.  All self-contained, guests can now review resort choices and plan their trips wherever they are, as no Wi-Fi or Internet connections are needed.  And because already it’s formatted for the device, there’s no frustrating pinching, zooming, scrolling or tiny fonts found with reviewing online hotel web sites.

This section of the app will feature tabs that allow you to switch between the “Description”, “Rooms”, and “Amenities” sections for each hotel.  According to TimeStream Software, this is the only Walt Disney World related app that allows you to do this.

That’s all for now, but keep your browsers pointed to DisTECH for more updates!

More Details On “Walt Disney World Pro” from TimeStream Software!

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It’s Coming II…

This just in!  I received a new teaser image for “Walt Disney World Pro” today, along with a few new details.  Apparently the app will feature over 600 original photos taken by the TimeStream Software staff.  Most of these photos will be original to this new app, and there will be multiple large photos per attraction. 

Judging by the images above, “Walt Disney World Pro” looks pretty comprehensive.  There are even images from holiday parties, including the Boo-to-You Parade from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  The Dream Lights are also included. 

I’ll have more info as it becomes available.  Stay tuned!

Walt Disney World Guide Notescast Gets Updated in the App Store!

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 WDW Notescast App Store Icon

I came home to some exciting news today: the Walt Disney World Guide Notescast (which I reviewed not too long ago) got an official update today!  It’s passed Apple’s approval process and is ready for the downloading.  Get more details by clicking below!

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Review: WDW Secrets: Hidden Mickeys & WDW Secrets: Main Street, USA Windows Notescasts

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I’ve had a blast reviewing these Walt Disney World Notescasts this week.  Last time, I reviewed the WDW Secrets and WDW Secrets Gold Notescasts.  I chose to review those together because they are so closely related.  Originally, I was going review them alongside these two apps as well because they all four take you on tours to find the hidden secrets of Walt Disney World.  I didn’t want to try to cram everything together, though, so I decided to split them into two reviews.  If you’re ready to some more touring, click below to read my review.  And keep your iPhone or iPod Touch close at hand: you may need to visit the App Store!

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